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1 month ago


5 Great Tools for Your Home Office

A home office sounds luxurious. Who wouldn’t want to lounge around at home and earn money every day? Home-based businesses are growing rapidly in many parts of the world- Pakistan included. But having a home office isn’t as simple as plugging your laptop in at a desk and sitting there from 9 to 5. The more efficiently…

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3 months ago


PTCL EVO CharJi Review

It’s been over 4 years since PTCL launched its EVO lineup of wireless internet USB dongles and cloud devices. Since then, EVO has gone under various improvements and several new models have come out. The most recent addition to this family is the ‘CharJi’ EVO. CharJi is a high speed wireless hotspot, and theoretically can…

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5 months ago


Ahmer Ali Khan – an Integral part of Apple Pay

Apple recently announced that it is going to step into the contactless mobile payments segment. This is big news because recently Google delved into this area with its Google Wallet which did not do very well and was no match for plastic money. According to Apple, Apple Pay will let users use their smartphones to…

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6 months ago


All you need to know about iPhone 6 and Apple Watch

Boy, that was one heck of an event. We knew it was all coming, but actually seeing it come to life, being announced by Apple and witnessing it was a lot more fun. Today we saw the unveiling of the biggest change in iPhone since the original iPhone- two different screen sizes. Moreover, Apple has…

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6 months ago


Tech Keeps Getting Better, PTCL Introduces Nitro Cloud-Share

As the era of improved technological solutions dawns upon Pakistan with the ongoing boom in the telecom industry, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) launches another cutting edge device, the EVO Nitro Cloud Share device with 32 GB support, which claims to be the ‘ultimate smartphone companion’ . The device offers potent wireless connectivity and data sharing…

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8 months ago


Nokia XL Dual SIM unboxing and hands-on review

So the other day I was at a fast food restaurant, and got asked the same old question. “Sir, would you like to upsize your meal?”. Obviously, I agreed. For a little price on top of what I’m already paying, I’ll be glad to get a larger serving. Well, the concept has gone a little…

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