5 Easy Yet Effective Ways To Speed Up Your Website

The Five Easiest Ways To Speed Up Your Website

Speeding up your website is an important part of your business, and you will find it quite important to ensure that you turn your website into a much better place for your customers to visit. They will buy from you more often when you have a faster site, and you will notice that it’s not as daunting as it may seem. This article explains how to speed up your website in five easy steps that anyone can take.

#1: Remove Plugins

You may remove plugins when you wish to speed up your website, and you will find it quite easy to remove several that are simply not the right match for your requirements. The plugins you are using must have a specific purpose, and you will find that each new plugin you have chosen may not work for more than a day or two before you realize you do not need it. All the plugins you remove will help speed up the site, and they will not spend time loading on your site.

The finest of all websites has less plugins, and it will load faster because the site does not have so much holding it back.

#2: Remove Old Banners

The banners on your site are often the slowest things you may have have, and will serve to speed up the site only when removed. You will notice that there are a number of people who will help you remove everything from your site that is a bit outdated. There are many outdated banners that you must remove, and you should remember that a company that uses banners often looks as though it is from another age.

#3: Enable Caching

Cashing on your site will help keep some information on a reader’s computer. You will notice that it is easy to ensure that you have all your customers tied to your website in a way that is beneficial for them. They will feel good about using your site because they know that it loads properly, and you will save time for your readers.

#4: Remove Share Buttons

The share buttons on your site may load quite slow, and you will find it difficult to keep your site running properly when you have too many share buttons. You may need to remove the share buttons that you know people are not using, and you will continue to remove share buttons until you are down to the one or two that people are using every day. You wish to be as diverse and accommodating as possible, but you will notice that you are wasting everyone’s time by allowing the share buttons to slow down the site.

#5: Remove Expired Pages

The pages on your site that have expired must be removed because they take up memory that must loaded any time someone comes to your site. They will become frustrated with your business because they believe that your site has not been maintained properly. 

The expired pages on your site may be deleted, or you may move the tiny bits of pertinent information to other pages that are much more helpful. 


You may choose to take each of the five steps above to keep your site as fast as possible. The site is quite easy to manage because you have made minor changes, and you will find that each minor change you make will ensure everyone who visits the site feel as though they have access to all the content you are selling. 

There are many people who will not take these simple steps because they do not realize how easy it is to do. You may sweep through your site once a month to get what you need, and you will find that your site speeds up every time you take these steps. You may do this on your own, or you may ask your hosting company to do the work for you. You will find a better website in the end, and you will save time for every customer who visits you.


This is a guest post by Helen Cartwright for PakWired.

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