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With thousands of visitors each month, PakWired offers the ideal opportunity to get relevant exposure for your brand. We’re thrilled to be able to partner with up-and-coming entrepreneurs and individuals who seek a loyal audience for their message.

New Advertising Opportunities!

As of September 2015 PakWired offers sponsored content, also known as native advertising. Advertisers are invited to write articles or commission article publication for PakWired.com. These articles offer exposure to PakWired’s audience and can lead to increased sales for you!

What is Sponsored Content?

  • Sponsored content are articles on PakWired that look like they belong here, because they do. Sponsored articles are written with our audience in mind. Our advertisers and the brands they promote value the association with the PakWired name, exposure to the PakWired audience and – of course – the increase in awareness, website traffic, conversions, and leads.
  • The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) defines native advertising as “paid ads that are so cohesive with the page content, assimilated into the design, and consistent with the platform behavior that the viewer simply feels that they belong.”

Why Sponsored Content?

  • Moz.com states, “Many brands are sponsoring articles on blogs or other online publications with large preexisting audiences… Brands spent, on average, 6.7 percent of their content marketing budgets on sponsored content in 2013. It’s trending upwards, too.”
  • You’ll find many major publishers embracing sponsored content: Forbes, The New York Times, Business Insider, The Atlantic, Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal to name a few. In fact, at least 78% of publishers are believed to be using native advertising today.
  • Sponsored content are modern advertorials, not susceptible to “banner blindness” that plagues other online ads. Sponsored content is clearly labeled as such. The opening paragraph will contain the name of the advertiser. The bottom of the post will include a disclosure of advertising agreement.

How to Sponsor Content

Contact PakWired.com and our editorial team will write commissioned pieces. Our staff will write their own opinion of your product or service. The piece will be reviewed by you before publication. (You may also submit a piece for our consideration.)

*Price per article is $250 or PKR 25,000.

*Please note:  PakWired.com is committed to maintaining a high standard of quality. Requests for sponsored content will be carefully considered to ensure all PakWired content is interesting and meaningful to our audience.

Who’s Reading PakWired

  • Startup founders and employees
  • New media, Technology, and SEO experts
  • Students, teachers, and prospective entrepreneurs
  • Social media geeks, developers, and app users

We keep past, present, and future Pakistani innovators up to speed on business, tech, and startup culture.

PakWired has been cited by Huffington Post, LifeHack, Social Media Examiner, Entrepreneur.com, Internet Marketing Ninjas, and others around the web. We maintain a strong social media presence with thousands of shares on Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms.

Banner Ad Rates

728×90 site headersite-wide$200 or PKR 20,000
300×250 sidebarall pages except home$150 or PKR 15,000
468×60 or 336×80 within contentall post pages$100 or PKR 10,000

*Prices are per month and subject to change without notice

Thank you for considering advertising with PakWired. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us here

PakWired.com is all about business, technology, and the startup culture in Pakistan. If you have an interest in e-commerce, telecommunications, or general business and technological advancements, you’ll love PakWired.

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