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About Barb Abramson

Barb Abramson brings synchrony to corporations, Board of Directors and Networking groups through workshops and team-building exercises. Connect with her at BarbAbramson.com. Follow her on Twitter @BarbAbramson

Latest from Barb Abramson

1 year ago

Life Hacks

Are you starting a new business and need to hire employees? No Problem! Do you need to fill a customer order? No Problem! Perhaps source out the right technology? No Problem! How many times have you asked a question of a business, inquiring if something could be done and the response you received was “No…

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2 years ago


New Video Review Platform Released in App Store Using apps to check in at businesses, locations and events is extremely popular. But most apps don’t provide a platform that is trustworthy in terms of real reviews. Some allow reviews to be posted from across the country, the user may never have set foot at the…

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2 years ago

Digital Living

I’ve been really curious about the new Apple Watch and so I asked a lot of my friends if they were getting one. No one in my (baby boomer) circle planned on making that purchase. I heard indications that they would take a while to ship, but I was really curious to check one out,…

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2 years ago


I love my smart phone. I can’t imagine not having it nearby. It has become an integral part of my day, one that makes my life easier. It gives me directions, checks the weather, dials my friends, wakes me up, monitors my home, entertains me and so much more. I would be lost without it. But…

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2 years ago


Most entrepreneurs, and especially those starting a business, know that in order to get your product and service out in front of others, that networking is necessary. Yet, how many times have you dreaded going to yet another networking event because you felt they are simply a waste of time. You “meet” a lot of…

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