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The Team – PakWired.com

PakWired is happy to hear from you! You can contact any of our editors or correspondents mentioned below.

Editors and Correspondents in Pakistan

Hasan Saleem, Founder

Accomplished business leader with expertise in affiliate marketing, social media, and business development. Highly knowledgeable in search engine optimization, Google Analytic, and Facebook Ads. Created business plans and launched multiple successful businesses. Adept at market analysis and development of creative solutions. Reputation as leading regional authority on search and social media marketing. Planned, launched, and operated many successful Web-based businesses, which involved all aspects of marketing, Web presence, e-commerce, customer service, staff management, and social media.

Leenah Nasir, Editor

Leenah is an observer of the global arena of brands and marketing. She can be reached through linked In.

Babar Khan Javed, Author

Babar is an advertising and marketing reporter for numerous business publications around the globe. His coverage areas include internet companies such as Rocket Internet and advertising companies such as WPP PLC. He is interested in the business of online market places and the dynamics of advertising including industry topics such how media and advertising is being transformed by technology. He can be reached at Babarkj@Gmail.com

Nida Rasheed, Author

Nida Rasheed is a freelance writer and business owner with a serious caffeine addiction. She loves her dogs, wants to travel the world, and dislikes referring to herself in the third person. Follow her on Twitter: @nidarasheed

Irfan Ahmad, Editor

Hi, I’m a blogger, social media savvy and graphic designer from Haripur, Pakistan. My favorite food: infographic.

Zubair Ahmed, Author

A social media geek, cricket nut, freelance writer and a marketing personnel. Loves writing about technology, latest products, events and cricket.

Taniya Umar, Author

Accountant by Degree.
Writer by Profession.
Poet by Heart and Stargazer in her head, legend (and by that we mean The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy) has it that Tania didn’t choose writing. Instead, writing took one look at her chubby face when she was just a young girl and smiled with a mouthful of unspoken sentences and took her off on adventures of the pen that are still her happy place when life gets hard for her.
Now, all grown up, Tania spends her days doing what she loves: writing, in the hopes that someday, her audience will love her back enough to send multiple cups of chaye her way.
You can get in touch with her via the comments section, her email id (If you can find it???) and her Facebook page where she’s known, quite simply, as Raggedy Khatoon.
Live long and prosper!

Mohsin Rasheed, Author

From startups to industry heavyweights; incubators to research universities, I’m looking for ideas that solve real world problems, and the entrepreneurs and innovators who are turning those ideas into a real business. I believe innovation is the engine that will drive Pakistan forward, and I am certain we are going to see more change in the next decade than we have in the last 50 years.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter, Linkedin or on Facebook, write me on Facebook or just email at electq(at)hotmail(dot)com.

Absar Kazmi, Author

Absar Kazmi is a freelance content writer and illustrator. His key focus areas include business process documentation, user guide development, website content, editing & proofreading and Illustrating for children’s books.

Ali Sadiq, Lead Developer and Designer

Ali Sadiq is a full time web designer plus web developer. Eager to learn various new and useful web design trends. An enthusiast seeker who loves to explore frameworks, tools, plugins and hence love to learn and practice new developments in the entire field. You can reach him on twitter.

International Contributors and Authors

Alicia Rades, Author

Alicia Rades is a professional blogger and writer for hire who loves giving tips to help others succeed. Visit her at aliciarades.com to download her free blogging guide, 20 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hitting Publish.

Benjamin Neal, Author

Ben Neal is a freelance writer from Kansas City, MO. You can read more of his wordplay by connecting with him on Facebook and following him on Twitter.

Beth Burgess, Author

Beth Burgess is a personal and professional development and effectiveness expert, working as a solution-focused coach, speaker and trainer. As a freelance writer, she focuses on helping others to achieve happy lives and healthy, effective mindsets at home and at work. She is the author of two books, and runs workshops on subjects such as stress, assertiveness and communication. Beth’s services and Beth’s profile

Brianna Johnson, Author

Brianna offers communications for modern organizations that want to strengthen their brand and harness a bigger audience through content marketing. Learn about her freelance writing services.

Daniel Wallen, Author

Daniel Wallen is a writer, health coach, yoga teacher, and wannabe actor from Tennessee. He serves as a ghost (not the spooky kind) for several folks, self publishes Kindle books, and is currently writing short stories for fun. If the result is solid, he will compile + try to sell them to you in this bio one day soon. Meanwhile, visit his blog at www.thewallenway.com.

Hemendra Jain, Author

Hemendra writes about Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology. He’s passionate about startups, Game of Thrones and long drives in the mountains. Connect with him on Twitter.

Jennifer Mattern, Author

Jennifer Mattern is a professional blogger, freelance writer, and former social media and PR consultant. She covers small business, online business, marketing, PR, social media, blogging, freelance writing, and indie publishing for a variety of online publications. She also handles copywriting and PR writing for small and online businesses. Find her on Twitter @jenn_mattern.

Rakhi Chakraborty, Author

Journalisting . Oral history . Exploring middle eastern startups . Building my own corner of the internet .

Guest Contributors

PakWired.com is all about business, technology, and the startup culture in Pakistan. If you have an interest in e-commerce, telecommunications, or general business and technological advancements, you’ll love PakWired.

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