Business Showcase Questionnaire

From the platform of PakWired, we are creating a gallery to display your startup/business. With Business Showcase we aim to put forth an exhibit of YOUR success, YOUR journey and YOUR story. It is a celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit at work in you!

Business Showcase is an idea born out of the need for a gallery of the fiercely promising entrepreneurial culture in Pakistan. To develop a comprehensive and unbiased industry profile, we invite you to take your part and make your contribution, regardless of your years in the industry and the revenue generated. Let us join together and celebrate each success and each struggle contributing to our striving ecosystem.

The platform is envisioned to grow into a hub of opportunities and resources for those with experience and those struggling to have any. Write your entrepreneurial story, we will feature it. Not good with stringing words? No worries! Take your camera, show us your product. Let us see with you, your dream.

Formats: Text and/or video, only.

For textual inputs: An MS Word document with no more than 1500-2000 words.
For video inputs: 3-5 minute video in any of the following formats:

.mp4, .m4v (MPEG-4)
.mov (QuickTime)
.wmv (Windows Media Video)
.ogv (Ogg)
.3gp (3GPP)
.3g2 (3GPP2)

All submissions are to be directed at

What do you need to do?

Narrate to us a story that tells about:

your idea,
your journey,
challenges you faced,
risks you took,
your motivation through the struggle,
any support you received,
your current standing,
and your future goals.

To help you build the story, here we’ve compiled a list of questions for you. This questionnaire is to provide a basic skeleton for your entrepreneurial story. If you want to add more, you’re more than welcome.

  1. What is your product/service idea?
  2. When was the idea born? And how long did it take before you began working over your idea?
  3. What has been your basic motivation for working over your idea?
  4. What doubts did you have about the success of the idea?
  5. Where did you work before you began working on the idea?
  6. At what stage of startup cycle / business phase do you find yourself now?
  7. What technique/business model have you used?
  8. Why did you use this technique?
  9. What have been the most daunting challenge/s you faced?
  10. What has been the greatest risk you took that contributed to the way things turned out?
  11. What has been your greatest strength that made a difference in the outcome?
  12. What strengths did you receive from external sources that helped make a difference and how?
  13. What has been the happiest moment of this entire journey? (and why)
  14. What has been the scariest moment? (and why)
  15. What has been the saddest or most disappointing moment? (and why)
  16. We all make blunders climbing a new ladder. What has been the funniest moment in your entrepreneurial journey, and why?
  17. What mistakes did you make that, if given a chance to redo your journey, you’d make sure to avoid?
  18. Where do you want to go from here?
  19. Your advice to entrepreneurship aspirants?
  20. How would you want the audience to reach you? (business website/ Business email)

Bonus Questions:

  1. How would you rate your experience with the following in order of difficulty:
    (1 least difficult, 10 most difficult).
  • Tech know-how
  • Planning
  • Launch
  • Business Strategy
  • Product/Competitor research
  • Time and asset investment
  • Hiring right resources
  • Seeking mentor
  • Finance planning
  • Marketing
  1. Please also rate the above in order of their significance (1-10, 1 is least and 10 is most significant) for your particular enterprise.

If you have any concerns, visit our Privacy statement at . If you have a technical or general support question, please visit to reach out to us directly.

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