PakBlood Saving Precious Lives

As is the unfortunate fact, many people in Pakistan die due to blood loss every year. This is because the blood arranged from different local blood banks and hospitals takes a lot of precious time for processing, or in most cases, is unavailable. AA’LA Solutions took an appreciable initiative ‘PakBlood’ to create the first and the largest Pakistani platform to connect donors with patients easily.

A service for the humanity, accepts blood donations from volunteers, so that the blood can be supplied to the person in need within no time. With this user-friendly portal, you’re just a few clicks away from turning unfortunate events around.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

The Pakistan-based first online blood bank was launched in 2002 by Aamir Mahmood from AA’LA Solutions. Recurring tragedies and the shortage of blood paved way to start this platform. The founder also had to face such an incident in 2001.

As Technology Review puts it, Aamir was given a task to arrange five blood bottles back in his internship days, which he failed to accomplish. To its consequence, the lady passed away. This tragedy was a turning point for him and he pursued software engineering to develop an online blood donor database, so that people don’t go running in search of blood for their loved ones.

What Does PakBlood Offer?

PakBlood has grown from none to register many individual donors and donor organizations. PakBlood not only serves humanity, it also contributes to increase the number of voluntary blood donors. Here’s what the site has to offer you:

  • Although most users of this website are from Pakistan, the site has a global access 24/7.
  • Receivers can submit a complaint or report any fake profiles to stay secure.
  • Sponsor organizations get to manage their own blood donors.
  • The databases are public to everyone, but the personal info and details of the donors are kept confidential, unlike hospital blood banks who often reveal donor details to their own networks due to the limitation of regulatory red tape.
  • It features a phonebook directory of nationwide hospitals.
  • The user database is encrypted to ensure privacy.
  • Users can directly contact organizations who have the donor of their required blood type.

Positive Reviews from Sponsors and Users

Currently, PakBlood has 175 organizations and over 1,000 registered donors. The site laid the foundation and inspired others to start such humanitarian projects. Ahmed Dogal shared a story on Technology Review and told that his wife was in need of a blood type which was not available anywhere. He found the donor in PakBlood database and that saved his wife’s life. This positive experience urged him to give something back in return, so he registered as a blood donor on Pakblood.

Services to be Offered in Future

PakBlood hasn’t stopped with its mission, it aims to bring continuous improvements in its service. It plans to enhance its website’s feature and update the app. The future plans involve:

  • Outspread their service to different social media platforms.
  • Add enhanced software features such as location-based user list and search results, donor medical history record, emergency contact list and alert dispatch system.
  • Donor’s location on google maps, incident alerts, response from donor and his availability confirmation for smartphone users.

PakBlood is open to suggestions and responsive to your queries. If you have something to add, email them at In every moment, an accident occurs, a surgery takes place, a mother gives birth, an infant requires exchange transfusion or a child suffers from Hemophilia. Your blood can make a difference and save lives.

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