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9 hours ago

Brain Hacks

How to Harness the Power of Intention

When you hear people talk about “setting intentions” and “creating your reality,” it’s easy to dismiss it as a bunch New Age hocus pocus. But the truth is, the world around us is not nearly as solid as we tend to think. And the way that we experience it, and interact with it, is determined…

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2 days ago


Authenticity, Success and Meaningful Connection

By now everyone knows that having a strong online presence is key to running s successful business these days. An attractive website, regular blog content, active social media accounts; without these things in place, you’re destined to sink into obscurity and oblivion. And since everybody knows it, everybody and their momma is out there blogging…

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4 days ago


Start-up Update with Ahmed Arif, CEO of AaramShop Pakistan

India’s impressive eCommerce stats cause quite a stir in 2014, with big data leading the way for smarter convenience based package creation which has further pushed acceptance of e-tailing in emerging markets. We thought to catch up with a growing e-Tailing start-up in our back yard. How did you market AaramShop in 2014? We mainly used grocery…

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7 days ago


Amazing Innovations at CES 2015 You Should Know About

CES 2015 –  Innovation, Unleashed For tech lovers, the CES show is the most awaited event of the year and rightly so. The world’s largest tech show attracts thousands of new age products and prototypes that redefine the technology as we know it. The main aim of the show, however, is to put innovation on…

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1 week ago


7 Ways to Land Your Dream Job at a Hackathon

Have you been dreaming about landing a job at a top tech firm? Impressing the employers is one way to assure your position in a company and Hackathons are great places where prospective employers gather to pick the best talent. Hackathons are coding competition or contests that involve finding innovative solution for a given topic….

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Credit: hackNY.org via Flickr

1 week ago


Ten Reasons Why Western Companies May Avoid Pakistan

This is a guest post by Liam Massaubi who is a Canadian businessman and has done business in Pakistan for many years. Whenever a western company outsources manufacturing, they must consider the risks, costs and “what ifs” involved. These risks, costs and “what ifs” have been reported by some as on a continuous increase in…

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Credit: Tribune.com.pk

2 weeks ago


What’s the Difference Between a Resume and a CV?

CV is the customary abbreviation of curriculum vitae, which is Latin for “course of life.” It’s similar to a resume, and in many parts of the world it is the standard document that you submit when applying for a job. However, many job seekers in Canada or the United States have never even heard of…

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Credit: http://mononcledamerique.com/le-cv-americain/

2 weeks ago

Digital Living

The Plight of Home-Based Workers in Pakistan

They’ve been referred to as “invisible workers,” or Pakistan’s unrepresented working class. While the concept was once rare or completely unheard of in most parts of Pakistan, home-based work is now gaining ground as new opportunities arise in the production and manufacturing industry. According to HomeNet Pakistan, a group of organizations that push for improvements in workers’…

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3 weeks ago

Digital Living

Buying Apparel Online: What Are Your Options?

If you want to buy clothes online in Pakistan, there is not only a wide variety of options in terms of independent and outlet websites, you can also find products from different price levels, from small boutiques to large collections, from national level brands to names you would not have heard of. For a lot…

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3 weeks ago


5 Small Habits That Lead to Big Success (#5 Will Surprise You)

Being a workaholic might be considered a virtue, but it isn’t necessary for success. Why would you choose to work to exhaustion when you could simply work more efficiently? If you’d like to have more time and energy for the things that matter, click ahead to discover five small habits that will lead you to…

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Photo Credit: http://kgcetimeline.com/success-undefined/

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