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11 mins ago


What Stage is Your Small Business In?

If you ever feel like there’s loads to do and no obvious starting line, the model below may help you determine where to place the most focus. Using Infusionsoft’s model for small business success, one can better conceptualize where their business stands in the spectrum of progress. The model depicts the typical number of employees, success factors, and annual…

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6 hours ago


Game Changers – Waqar Shah, CEO of WaqarTech

Balance, in work and at home, has kept Waqar Shah centered & focused on the final goal. We sat with him to learn about his service and product ventures, the value of time and the path to growth. How did you land the first customer? In early 2007, I joined British Telecom’s company iO Global…

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1 day ago


Five Startups Graduate the Invest2Innovate Accelerator 2014 – 2015

The Invest2Innovate accelerator program for 2014-2015 just drew to a close, and five lucky startup teams can now get started with building their businesses and raising funding. Back in June 2014, we covered the launch of the i2i 2014-2014 accelerator program. The four month program helps startups in the initial phases with financial modeling, branding,…

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2014-2015 Class - Invest2Innovate Accelerator Program

2 days ago


Top 10 Educational Websites and Apps for Children

Gone are the days when technology was only employed for a specific function. Today people of all ages use it for infinite reasons. Some people use it constructively, while others use it just to pass the time most commonly by  playing games or socializing. Especially when we talk about children, it is easy to understand…

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2 days ago


5 Great Tools for Your Home Office

A home office sounds luxurious. Who wouldn’t want to lounge around at home and earn money every day? Home-based businesses are growing rapidly in many parts of the world- Pakistan included. But having a home office isn’t as simple as plugging your laptop in at a desk and sitting there from 9 to 5. The more efficiently…

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3 days ago


Game Changers – Taimur Butt, CEO of Zamzama Mall

Raking nearly half billion rupees per month, Dolmen Group’s “City Mall” at Clifton-Sea View has shattered retail records nationwide, both in footfall and conversions. That said, Zamzama still retains mind share as a fashion, textile and apparel hotbed in the psyche of the Karachiite. We caught up with the heir to a real estate empire to learn about his…

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4 days ago


Pakistani Entrepreneur Is One of America’s Wealthiest People

When talking about wealthy businessmen in the United States, faces like Warren Buffet and Donald Trump are likely to come to mind. But as globalization brings professionals from all over the world together, the homogeneity of America’s wealthiest entrepreneurs has begun to shift. Pakistani entrepreneur, Shahid Khan, personified this shift when he became one of…

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Credit: Forbes

5 days ago


Connect Online With Dutch Embassy

Getting in touch with an embassy is always a tedious ask in our country. One needs to cross a number of checkpoints to reach desired people and receive the response. The scenario is applicable on most of the embassies, but not entirely. Dutch embassy has announced that it will entertain live Skype calls for the…

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dutch skype

5 days ago


Start-up Update with Rumaisa Mughal, CEO of Artboard

Differentiation is key and its what Rumaisa Mughal intends to do with her own design firm. Artboard.cc was formed last year to help brands stand out and communicate their message in a visually appealing manner. We sat down with Rumaisa to learn about the ups and downs of 2014 and the road ahead. How did…

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5 days ago


5 of the First Things Startups Should Do on Their Social Profiles

Have you just launched a startup? Then you’ll likely create new social profiles specific for your business. This is where you don’t want to drop the ball. Facebook alone drives almost a quarter of all web traffic to websites; with stats like that, you want to make sure people are able to discover your social…

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