10 Asian Startups In The Limelight This Week

There are startups coming up every other day – new concepts, new technologies and addressing a new issue every time. But here are the top 20 Asian startups that caught our eye this week:

1. Appvigil (India)

While everybody’s busy making applications, here’s a startup that is focussing on app security instead. Appvigil scans apps to detect the minutest of vulnerabilities or loopholes that puts the app in danger of being hacked into, and offers suggestions on how to fix them. It can help resolve security issues of apps even during development. Currently, the app is also open to consumers, who can check their apps for loopholes, and report them to the companies concerned.

2. Chalo (Bangladesh)

Everyone’s heard of Uber and Ola. Here’s a Bangladeshi startup, Chalo, that is doing the same for its local market. The taxi service makes use of the idle inventory model in the rent-a-vehicle industry. The drivers are all employees of existing businesses, and are hence, pre-screened before they can lend their services.

3. OYO Rooms (India)

OYO Rooms taps into the market place of budget hotels in the country. It promises the customers a set level of services at affordable costs. Having aggregated unbranded hotels from most tourist destinations like Jodhpur, Coorg, etc, and major metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, the startup boasts of an inventory of 12,000+ rooms across 70 cities in India.

4. Woomentum (Singapore)

Woomentum is a Singapore based community-cum-crowdfunding platform to encourage and assist women entrepreneurs. It provides them with a platform to communicate their ideas, foster relationships, share resources, seek mentorship and even manage an early-stage funding for their concept growth.

5. Mingyi Zhudao (China)

Mingyi Zhudao is a medical app that runs on the model of taking surgeries from online-to-offline platforms. It allows the user to seek for the best surgeons in their area for a specific type of surgery they have been recommended. Sharing the bio, previous work and experience of the surgeon in the field, it also allows you to book appointments with them from within the app.

6. Saahas Waste Management (India)

Ever thought what happens to the piles full of waste we generate everyday? Well, Saahas Waste Management definitely did and is decentralising the waste management process. It converts waste to resources like biogas and compost. It focusses on organic waste management along with reusing, and recycling of materials like plastic and electronic waste. The startup claims to have 30 such centres across the country.

7. PlanDo (Hong Kong)

PlanDo is a social networking startup that focusses on offering a platform for creating posts on upcoming activities, events, and other things people would like to join in on. It not just taps into the immediate circles of a user, but also brings in those who have similar interests.

8. Trip on Halal (Indonesia)

Trip on Halal is a food discovery platform that allows the user to search for Halal food based on the country they are in, the category they prefer or by the name of the restaurant. The platform also by-lines into suggesting hotels that fit a Muslim needs in terms of food, services and proximity to the mosque at the traveller’s destination.

9. Numoni (Singapore)

Numoni, a Singapore based startup, offer Nugen – a platform that is similar to an ATM, and allows the user to transfer money abroad, pay outstanding bills, recharge their phones and a lot more. Perfect for those who are reminded of financial aspects on their way to a place.

10. Tujia (China)

Even though Tujia started back in 2011, it is now China’s top Airbnb-like site. It allows users to list, find and rent lodgings at a travel destination. With a net value of over US$1 billion, the startup is in true words, the limelight fetcher.

Any startup that caught your eye for a vivid concept, or the mere simplicity of it and isn’t listed here? Feel free to add to this list by dropping a comment in the box below.

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1 Comment

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