10 Free VPN Tools to Surf Anonymously on Android

Go Incognito

Privacy is a rising concern and virtual private networks are the perfect tools to evade online tracking and remain anonymous while browsing. Handheld devices have become the latest and most productive target for hackers and trackers all over the world. VPN provide an additional layer of security by securely connecting you through a distant server. Apps for handheld devices make the process even more secure by easing out the steps required to configure and setup VPN connections.

Here’s our list of top 10 free VPN tools for android that let you surf anonymously with no strings attached.

HotSpot Shield VPN Proxy

It is one of the most used VPN services with some clever additions to the application along with basic VPN services. It allows smart protection where the app automatically enables VPN protection while using select sites and apps that is preconfigured into the application. It also allows basic proxies by masking the IP address of the device.

SecureLine VPN

It comes from Avast, the company behind the successful antirust and PC maintenance suites. It protects users even when browsing through public WiFI’s by its authenticated IPsec protocol. It allows users to connect through the server of their choice located at US, UK and other countries.

SpotFlux VPN

It is popular for reducing the bandwidth by compressing data passing through the VPN servers. The app also contains extra security measures to effectively reduce malware and prevent them from pirate and torrent sites.

Hola Free VPN

This app employs an innovative method of browsing by allowing its users to connect through IP address of other users. Therefore the user can easily switch networks and IP address depending on requirements. It also unblocks country specific website with the help of proxies.

Super VPN

With more than 5 million installs and thousands of users at any instant, it is one of the most usable VPN services on the Play Store. It automatically encrypts the data between the server and the client blocking any tracking activities. A single tap starts the VPN and allows easy connectivity through installed browsers.


It uses a 256 bit encryption key to encrypt data among the connections therefore increasing security from malware that track and transmit data. It comes with inbuilt proxies that are automatically switched to when the VPN servers are overloaded.

Touch VPN

This VPN is ideal for users who shop and buy through their handheld devices. It encrypts data with SSL certificates (the same ones that allow secure transactions during online payments). Thus all data entered and transmitted through the network is as secure as SSL transactions.

Flash VPN Proxy

It is popular for its extra bandwidth provided to each user. It is often comparable to premium apps and users can easily make voice calls and play online games due to its higher bandwidth capacity. It also allows unlimited time for connectivity further easing user experience


The most popular VPN service for desktops also has an effective mobile app that is comparable to its desktop browsing client. Easy connectivity through its servers and seamless browsing experience makes it one of the most installed applications on the Play Store

TigerVPNs Android VPN

It is one of the best VPN services with its premium plans. It provides up to 500mb of free trail browsing through its servers.

Final Thoughts

There are hundreds of other VPN services on the Play Store but only a few of them provide essential services and usability to its users. Most premium VPN services provide a free trial to its users and are among the most secure connections through distant servers. Browse through the above apps and select the one ideal for your requirements.

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