10 Money Saving Hacks To Stretch Your Monthly Budget

Saving money is something that everyone strives to do on a monthly basis but with bills and unexpected financial emergencies cropping up at any moment, it is something that a lot of people struggle with. With some of these bills being slightly more than first thought it may seem tempting to reach for a short term loan provider just to make ends meet. However, this should only be used in case of financial emergency meaning that other funding options should be your first port of call. Here, we are going to look at 10 money-saving hacks that will help you stretch your monthly budget.

1. Energy Saving Lightbulbs

One of the most important aspects of your home is the lights, but did you know they could be costing a small fortune? By replacing your bulbs with energy saving lightbulbs can save you a significant amount off of your monthly energy bill. Despite these bulbs costing a little bit more than your average lightbulb, they have a considerably longer shelf life and can end up saving you more money in the long term.

2. Penny Jar

Another way for you to save money is by saving your pennies in a jar. This loose change can weigh down your purse, but by putting it in a jar and saving over a long period of time you could end up with a larger sum of money. By having this jar in the kitchen or another key area of the house you can then place the pennies in there at the end of every week. This will then remove them from your purse and allow you to save money gradually with every purchase.

3. Re-Mortgaging

If your monthly repayments on your mortgage are taking a toll on your monthly budget then it may be worth considering re-mortgaging your home. One of the main reasons for this move is that another provider may be able to give you a much more affordable repayment rate. Although this can be a timely process it is well worth investing as this can save you a lot more long term.

4. Reusing

If you are looking to redecorate your home, there are a number of options for you to choose from to gain amazing results without spending a fortune. One of the best is the art or upcycling or reusing. This allows you to take something that you have been gifted or have found lying around your home and turn it into something else. This is ideal for your room or home living space as it allows you to make It your own whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

5. Planning meals

Planning your meals is another ideal way to save money. This will help you to budget for food every week and allow you to make a specially tailored shopping list. This list will help you to buy only what you need and deter you from snacking and buying extra that could go to waste.

6. Turn Off Lights

Turning off the lights is also a significant way to save money on your electricity bill as a light that is left on is one of the most common causes of a high energy bill. By turning off the light you can save yourself more money on average.

7. Grow Your Own

By growing your own fruit and veg, you can not only save yourself money in the long term but you can live a sustainable lifestyle. This is perfect for those that are on a tight budget as it allows you to only buy what you need and use a large majority of what you grow within your meals. This will help to reduce the price of the monthly food shop whilst improving your overall diet.

8. Collect Rain Water

Another way to do so is to collect rainwater. This can be used when cleaning the car as well as for watering the plants and help to reduce the cost of your water bill. If you live in a particularly rainy part of the UK this may have more of a benefit than a slightly dryer location.

9. Coupons

If you or a family member read the newspaper frequently then you may be in luck. Within the newspaper, there are a number of coupons that you can use. These could be for days out to the theme park with your family or they may be just simple savings on food items within your home. These coupons can be used within your weekly shop and can save you money on your frequently purchased items.

10. Freeze Your Uneaten Food

There is nothing better than remembering about the leftovers in your freezer so why not make this a regular occurrence? By freezing all the food that you do not eat or even the food that you have pre-cooked you can enjoy the freshness of the meal without having to freshly prepare all night long. This is perfect for those that are sticking to a meal plan as it locks in the freshness of the fruit and veg to be eaten at a later date.

So whichever option that you choose to help you save money throughout the course of the month we are sure that you will gain results that you are more than happy with.

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