10 Reasons Why iPhone 6 Will be The Best Phone of 2014

Rumors are flying around like crazy, and it’s easy to get lost in a whirlwind of information right now – but the long-awaited new entry into Apple’s line of iPhones is right around the corner, and people are understandably excited. If you’re still not convinced that the iPhone 6 will be one of the best mobile phone in town and make the headlines, let’s have a look at some good reasons.

Powerful hardware

While we don’t know for sure exactly what kind of hardware will be powering the new iPhone, the confirmed rumors all seem to point toward a pure powerhouse. It makes sense that the iPhone 6 would have some serious hardware behind the scenes anyway, considering its huge resolution.

A million apps at your fingertips

With literally over one million apps in its store, Apple offers a serious set of extra features to expand your iPhone 6 with. And with the new features introduced by the new device, we can’t wait to see what crazy new ideas developers are going to come up with.

Simplicity and freedom

If the current trend is continued, the iPhone 6 will be hands down the easiest and most intuitive phone on the market for this year. You won’t have to fumble around with complex menus or look up online guides just to do something that should normally be a simple operation on your phone. The iPhone 6 will be all about simplifying your life as a smartphone user. It is likely to have a high price, but the quality of phone and user experience makes it all worth it.

The best social media phone of 2014? It could very well be!

Many of the alleged features of the iPhone 6 indicate that it’s going to be a great tool for people who have an active online presence. Between the great camera and screen, new connectivity options, and of course the inevitable influx of great new apps, this will be the perfect device to keep people updated on every event in your life.

Take your workouts to the next level

The iPhone has always been a favorite choice for runners, cyclists and other people with active sport lives, because it’s so easy to integrate it with various popular services for measuring your progress and stats. And with the iPhone 6, this will go even further, especially if the rumors about Apple’s iWatch and its alleged integration with their new phone are true.

For users on the go

With wireless charging, improved connectivity, a great battery life and a lot of storage space, this is going to be hands down the best choice for people who’re regularly on the go. This has been a major focus of not only Apple, but also other major mobile manufacturers in recent times, but so far it seems that Apple are getting the idea best.

Lightweight and elegant

Apple are generally known for going to great lengths to minimize the space their devices take up, and the iPhone 6 will be the culmination of their efforts in this regard. The phone is stated to be very lightweight, with a slim design and yet, a surprisingly long battery life. So far, this seems to be the most elegant iPhone the market has seen.

It’s secure

Various rumors have been aimed at Apple’s increased focus on security with their new device, which could make sense given the recent fiascos they went through in that department over the last year. If you’re concerned about the privacy of your conversations, this will likely be a prime choice for you.

Customize your experience

The iPhone 6 is expected to come out in several versions with different screen sizes and possible differences in other hardware components as well. Add to that the inevitable multiple variants offering different storage sizes and other properties, the huge market for official and unofficial customization accessories for Apple’s phones, and you have a device that you can truly call yours after you’re done setting it up. Nokia have been putting a lot of effort in this department, and the rise of their popularity over the last months is a good indication that Apple are most likely on the right track by giving their users more options.

It’s Apple

Simple as that. You know what you’re buying – Apple have built an amazing name for themselves, and people respect them for a reason. From the perfect design of the device, to their great customer support, buying an Apple device is a long-term investment that really pays off.



  1. Moiz Omar

    30/08/2014 at 6:24 pm

    Android over iOS anyday.

  2. Assad Khan

    30/08/2014 at 10:56 pm

    This is a stupid article
    all of the things you have listed I can do with my iPhone 5s

    • DrRoot

      31/08/2014 at 10:58 am

      You might be able to perform a lot of functions with your iPhone 5s or some other high end phone, however, there will be significant improvement in hardware and design shall be better than previous version, its not just that but the usability is improved bit further as well.

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