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10 Skills You Need To Possess To Become a Technology Leader Today

When it comes to stepping into the shoes of a leader, just getting the job done is not enough. One may be a remarkable leader in any other field, becoming a leader in the field of Technology is significantly different from being a leader anywhere else.

This is due to the fact that just like the world of technology is forever evolving, so are the requirements for leadership in the field. Here we have figured out 10 skills that are a must-have for anyone who wishes to become a technology leader in the world of today:

  1. They deliver

This doesn’t just mean appearing in your annual revue, it means being on top of the news: at all times. A leader’s relevant field is their Mecca, they know it inside out. A few minutes’ notice, generally, is all they need to make a killing presentation in an area of their expertise.

  1. They are self-aware

Being a Technology Leader means changing. Constantly. Hence, if you’re not self-aware, i.e. if you’re not aware of what your flaws, weaknesses and strengths are, you won’t be able to change with the current. Hence, always be able to look at yourself from a neutral perspective as well, just so you can know where you actually stand from the outside.

  1. They aren’t afraid to learn and grow:

Technology leaders are never afraid to learn new things. Leadership demands that a leader knows all the new techniques in the business himself so his team can follow suit. If a leader doesn’t know the technical skills himself, he won’t be able to implement them in the workspace, thus leading to inefficiency and a lag.

  1. They aren’t afraid to delegate work

It’s a typical assumption that leaders do everything themselves. This isn’t far off from the truth as a leader most certainly CAN do everything but that doesn’t mean that they should or have to. A leader always knows when to delegate tasks to his subordinates so he can apply a razor sharp focus at major issues. If a leader had to do everything from scratch, he wouldn’t have any time left to focus on the big stuff.

  1. They are great communicators

Ever seen a leader who wasn’t able to get his point across to you? It’s a major leaders trait to be excellent in communications. If you can’t get your point across, you can’t sell and hence you lack a major leadership quality.

  1. They are authentic

Leaders are distinguishable because they’re unique. They aren’t a poor imitation of someone else they saw on TV. Each leader has a unique style from dressing right up until the way they talk, and the way they walk their talk.

  1. They don’t stay in two minds

A leader never hesitates to take tough decisions. A leader knows that even though waiting sometimes helps the picture gain more clarity, waiting also causes one to lose opportunities and opportunities are hard to come by.

  1. They are problem solvers

A leader might not always be aware of a problem but they sure can help to solve them. A leader knows that every problem has a solution and that originates from within the problem itself. This is why they never shy away from taking a challenge head on – no matter how tough it might be, and are always ready to find the solution to any tough situation.

  1. They are team players

A leader knows that sometimes some team-members are weaker than others. This is why they make sure to be aware of their whole team’s strengths and weaknesses. This enables them to involve every team member and make them feel like they’re at home even in the most complicated of situations.

  1. They have a sense of humor

A good technology leader knows the stresses of working in a fast-paced environment. They know that working in the continually fluxing field of technology can be exhaustive for the team. Hence, to much avail they embrace humor as their shield protecting both themselves AND their team from the effects of stress!

Photo: Sal Veder/AP

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