You will be stunned to know about these 10 unknown WhatsApp features

When it comes to instant messaging, WhatApp is arguably the best application that we use in our general lives. Primarily, we use the service for sending texts, emojis, images and videos but there are plenty of features that are unknown and I bet you haven’t used them in your daily lives but I am sure you will after reading an entire article.

1- You can Bold, Italicize and Strike-through your text

• You can bold your text by adding * at the beginning and at the end of your text

Example: *Hi. How Are You* Result: Hi. How Are You

• You can italicize your text by adding _ at the beginning and at the end of your text

Example: _Hi. How Are You_ Result: Hi. How Are You

• You can strike-through your text by adding ~ at the beginning and at the end of your text

Example: ~Hi. How Are You~ Result: Hi. How Are You


2- Blue tick can be turned off

Have you ever experienced the following scenario?

You read a message of someone from your contacts and you couldn’t reply him/her due to some reason. Instantly after few minutes of reading the message, you get another text – message parh k b reply nahe kia? (Didn’t bother replying even after reading the message?)

Well, for your information you can get rid of the blue tick so that nobody could see whether you have read the message or not. The process is:

• Open WhatsApp
• Go to Settings
• Go to Account
• Go to Privacy
• Uncheck ‘Read receipts’

Congratulations. Nobody would be able to bother you again at least in the aforementioned context. By doing this, you won’t be able to see whether the receiver has read the message or not either.

whatsapp 1

3- Fooling blue tick for the time being

If you don’t want to turn off the blue tick then you can deceive the sender for some time by reading their message without them being informed even via blue tick. The notion is when you receive a message; change your smartphone mode to ‘Airplane.’ Read the message on the WhatsApp and close it and switch back your phone to the normal mode. By doing this, the sender will only be informed about your message reading whenever you will open the WhatsApp the next time.

whatsapp 2

4- Enlarged heart emoji

This might well be the known fact for many but it is pertinent to mention for individuals who do not know about this feature. You can send an enormous heart to anyone if you select ‘heart’ emoticon and do not write anything before or after it. For your information, it doesn’t not only get enlarged. Instead the heart beats too inside the chat box.

whatsapp 3

5- Different ringtones for different contacts

You can customize the ringtones for one and every contact. The procedure is too simple. All you need to do is:

• Go to the contact you want to set the ringtone for
• Tap on his/her name
• Go to custom notifications
• Check ‘use custom notifications’
• Select a ringtone of your choice

whatsapp 4

6- You can hide your ‘last seen’ while seeing others

When you send a text message to anyone in your contact list, delete him/her from your contacts thereafter. The chat will still appear in the list. However, it will be there as a number only. Go to the settings – accounts – privacy and alter the ‘last seen’ preferences to my contacts only.

7- You can star messages for later reference

There are certain messages in a particular chat like key contact information or a residential address or any bank information that gets overlapped due to tons of messages. However, you can star all these messages for easy and later references. Here is what you need to do:

• Double tap (for iOS) or 3 second long tap (for android) on a particular message in a chat box
• When you tap the message, tap on the star
• To find it later, tap on the name of the person whose message you starred
• Tap on starred message to see the text later

whatsapp 5

8- Chat shortcut icon on the home screen

If there is one or more than one person with whom you chat too frequently then it might sound like a good idea for you to create a shortcut for them directly on the home screen of your phone rather than going opening and closing WhatsApp over and again. All you need to do is to tap on a particular contact in your chat list, tap on ‘add chat shortcut’ after a pop up comes on. This feature is currently available for android users only.

whatsapp 6

9- Saving chat history

You can save your chats if you wish to by applying the following procedure:

• Go to WhatsApp and click on Settings
• Go to Chats
• Go to Chat backup
• Configure your chat settings so that the backup frequency is either weekly or monthly, and tick ‘include videos’ if you want to

whatsapp 7

10- Alter your WhatsApp wallpaper

This one is also probably the most known feature. All you have to do is to go to settings – chats – wallpapers and change it to an image of your liking.

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