2nd Karachi Innovation Challenge to be held in Habib University from 23rd September

The startup culture is growing at a rapid pace in Pakistan. In order to develop new ideas among the young citizens of Karachi, Pakistan Innovation Foundation (PIF) will be organizing a competition with the theme of ‘The Karachi Innovation Challenge (KIC)’ in collaboration with Habib University on 23rd, 24th and 25th September next month.

The registrations are open and the last date to apply is 31st August 2016. You can submit your application by clicking here.


The competition essentially targets to invite clever and innovative ideas from the participants. It is hoped that the notions might contribute towards addressing the metropolitan’s problems. Moreover, it is also expected that the ideas will help in creating a peaceful, resilient, and bright Karachi.

The KIC offers the following 4 categories to its participants:

1- Do It Yourself Citizenship

This initiative, as the title suggests, is citizen-oriented. It focuses on self-organizing empowered citizens to come together to address the problems of Karachi.

2- Creative Human Spaces

It is aimed at encouraging the use of public spaces to bring together art, cultural heritage, literature, and sport.

3- Smart City

This category invites tech-driven involvements. It can include applications, modules and services while using smart devices to enhance the user interface of Karachiites.

4- Trusted City Government

It is an initiative that will bring together the citizens of Karachi and the government on the same platform. In addition, it also aims to bridge citizen-government gap while instilling an environment of trust on the government in the citizens.


Tagline and prizes

The tagline of the competition is ‘Ijaad Kar, Nakaal na Kar’ which urges participants to think about new innovative ideas rather than stealing ideas. According to the (PIF), the work of the participants would be evaluated on the basis of innovation, sustainability, resourcefulness, relevance and execution.

The winners of each 4 categories will receive Rs. 300,000/- along with a chance to participate in a Civic Accelerator.

If you feel that your idea is bright enough to succeed then you must register yourself by clicking here. It is your chance to make Karachi a more productive and smarter cosmopolitan city.

Karachi Innovation Challenge was a success last year. Do you think it will gain massive attraction among the startup community this time around?

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