Google CEO Shares His Vision: Launching $30 Smartphones in Emerging Markets

Google is one of the pioneer entities to engage billions of people online. It is ranked 1st in the Alexa Ranking. In fact, for many across the globe, Google is the internet. In this race Google has launched several initiatives to grab the best of the market. During his recent tour to India, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google shared his vision of getting the next generation of people online.

While giving an interview to NDTV, he highlighted two main objectives. The first one was to introduce best quality smartphones, and secondly, not to sell them for more than $30. He also added:

“We are committed to making even cheaper smartphones. The right price point for smartphones in India is $30, and pursuing high quality smartphones at the price point will unlock it even more.”

He claimed that smartphones that are being sold at $50 are not that good enough.

Android One Disaster

It is obvious that this idea of pursuing cheaper phone is not the first of its kind. In the past, Google introduced its sub-hundred dollar phones with Android One Program, promising quick software updates to its users. The phone however never gained momentum, and had to be dumped. At present, Google is making Pixel phones that are cheaper yet not cheap enough to penetrate in the developing markets. In addition, it also aims to provide the best networking experience to its users such as its new initiative of YouTube Offline.

Cheaper smartphone is just a ploy to win the race to dominate mobile connectivity. It must be combined with better quality to make a match. Sundar Pichai is looking forward to gain momentum for his Digital Unlocked program and get online presence for many local and international companies.

Do you think Google’s CEO would be able to accomplish his vision of introducing $30 per smartphone in the market?

image: Reuters / Beck Diefenbach

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