3G speed in Pakistan is one of the slowest in the world

OpenSignal has recently published a report which states that 3G speed in Pakistan is among the slowest in the world. The overall average connectivity speed of 3G or higher networks in the country stands at 3.33 Mbps. The network availability in Pakistan is about 63.47 percent.

On the other day, OpenSignal published the mobile data performance of 95 countries including Pakistan. Wireless network mapping company, OpenSignal, report titled ‘The Global State of Mobile Networks’ ranked the countries in 4 different classifications.

The report checked the availability of 3G/4G signals and the average connectivity speeds. Moreover, it also checked the speed vs the availability from across the globe. The data is collected country wise and it also gives an insight into the time users spend on Wi-Fi.

Overall speed

South Korea led the chart in terms of overall 3G speed. They were ranked No. 1 since their overall speed was measured at whopping 41.34 Mbps which was 10 Mbps higher than the second best Singapore (31.19 Mbps).

Pakistan’s 3G speed was recorded at 3.33 Mbps and they barely managed to sneak Senegal’s speed of 3.26 Mbps. The report defined overall speed as the average mobile data connection a user experiences. It was based on both the speeds and availability of a country’s 3G and 4G networks.

Availability of 3G/4G

The availability metric measured the proportion of time a user can connect to a particular network(s). Once again South Korea led by securing first position in 3G or higher network availability with a massive 98.54%. They were followed by Japan where 3G /4G availability was recorded at 95.52%.

On the other hand, Pakistan obtained 63.4% in terms of 3G/4G availability. However, they were positioned relatively low in the chart as they managed to go past Iran’s 61.40 percent. Furthermore, Pakistan is currently in the early stage of LTE developments and the completion of 3G network coverage.

Time spent on Wi-Fi

The test displayed the percentage of time that users in each spent on Wi-Fi networks rather than cellular networks. It is pertinent to mention that it doesn’t represent the amount of data usage over Wi-Fi. It just represents the time people of a certain country spent on Wi-Fi in comparison to Mobile networks.

The nationals of Netherland spent 70.05% of their time going online using a Wi-Fi connection. They were followed by the nationals of China who spent 63.16% of their time while using Wi-Fi connection. For Pakistan, the percentage of time on Wi-Fi stood at 34.12%.

Do you think over the period of time Pakistan’s ranking will increase?

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