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43 of the Most Useful Websites in 2017

Are you bored and looking for something to do online? Have a tricky question you need an answer to? Looking for instructions on how to make or do something? The internet is full of fun and useful websites that can teach you just about anything or help you kill some time. Why not explore some of the best?

Here are 43 of the most useful websites to get you started.

  1. Alternative To – Looking for an alternative to software you aren’t happy with or that’s too expensive? This site points you to similar options that can do the same thing.
  2. Amazon – Amazon is one of the best online shopping sites around. You can find just about anything you need, including digital movies, music, and apps.
  3. – The Internet Archive lets you explore past versions of websites, free books online, audio archives, and much more.
  4. Canva – Create beautiful images for your blog, album cover, e-book cover, social media profiles, and more with this free design tool.
  5. Code Academy – Have you ever wanted to learn to code? This site will teach you for free!
  6. Coolors – Need help coming up with a palette for your website, graphics, or even home decorating? Add a color or two you like here and this free tool will help you find the perfect color scheme.
  7. Down for Everyone or Just Me? – Not sure if a website is really down or if you’re having isolated internet problems? This site can tell you.
  8. Dropbox – Dropbox lets you access files across multiple devices, store them on the cloud, and easily share them with others.
  9. Duck Duck Go – Tired of popular search engines tracking your search behavior for advertisers? Duck Duck Go is a great alternative if you’re concerned about privacy. They won’t track you, ever.
  10. Duolingo – Access dozens of free foreign language courses with Duolingo and learn a new language at your own pace.
  11. – This free web-based countdown timer can be used for workouts, cooking, or even the Pomodoro method while working.
  12. Fax Zero – Send free faxes from your web browser.
  13. Fiverr – Find contractors to help with even the smallest of tasks.
  14. Goodreads – Track your reading lists, review books, and connect with other book lovers.
  15. Google Docs – Skip the expensive software and use this free word processor from Google instead.
  16. Honey – Visit this site to install the Honey Chrome extension. It helps you find valid coupon codes for websites while you’re shopping.
  17. IFTTT – Automate routine tasks. This website lets you connect tools you use every day (such as automatically backing up iOS photos to Google Drive or automatically tracking your Fitbit activity in a spreadsheet).
  18. Indeed – Indeed makes it easy to look for a job by featuring job ads from many other job boards all in one place.
  19. Instructables – Find free tutorials to help you make just about anything you can think of, from food to furniture.
  20. Just Watch – Find out where your favorite show or movie is available to stream, rent, or buy digitally online.
  21. LastPass – Let LastPass remember all of your passwords for you.
  22. ManualsLib – Misplaced a product manual? Find it on this website.
  23. Mint – Manage your money, from bill paying to budgeting, with Mint.
  24. My Fridge Food – Tell this website what food you have on-hand, and it’ll give you recipes you can make without having to visit the market.
  25. – This site tells you if the username you want is available on a wide variety of websites, including social networks, to keep your branding consistent.
  26. Open Culture – A great tool for lifelong learners, find free online courses and textbooks here.
  27. Pixabay – Find free stock images you can use on your website.
  28. Project Gutenberg – Access more than 50,000 free ebooks, including classic literature.
  29. Rainy Mood – Block out noisy distractions so you can work or sleep by listening to the rain.
  30. Retail Me Not – Find coupon codes and deals at your favorite retailers and websites.
  31. TED Talks – Learn about important issues from some of the world’s best expert speakers.
  32. Todoist – Organize your life and time with this to-do list tool.
  33. Trello – Collaborate with others on your projects.
  34. Two Foods – Not sure what snack to reach for? Compare two options side-by-side to make better choices.
  35. – This tool helps you find legal free versions of scientific and academic papers for your research.
  36. What is My IP? – Need to know your IP address? Just visit this site.
  37. Who is Hosting This? – Find out who’s hosting any website on the internet.
  38. – Find out who a website is registered to.
  39. Wolfram Alpha – This “computational knowledge engine” helps you find information, statistics, and data quickly.
  40. – Set up a free blog of your own.
  41. YouTube – Find movie trailers, video clips, video tutorials, workout videos, and much more.
  42. Zamzar – Do free online file conversions.
  43. Zillow – Research properties, home values, and neighborhoods before buying your next home.

Do you have a favorite useful website not listed here? Tell us about it in the comments.

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