5 Facebook Groups for Pakistani Freelancers


Are you thinking of starting a career in freelancing or converting those extra hours into extra money? Are you a freelancer working alone and looking to connect with the thousands of other freelancers? Would you like to meet and network with other freelancers? Do you want access to work opportunities for freelance work outside the freelance websites? Are you looking for local freelancers to work with you on a project?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, there are several Facebook groups (general and specialized) for freelancers in Pakistan to come together, share ideas, find work or find people to work on their projects. These pages are useful for both starters and experienced freelance professionals as spaces to collaborate and find work. Most of the pages keep things professional through strict moderating and are not full of spam of self-advertising social media pages.

Freelancing websites like Elance, Odesk or Fiverr are good places to look as well, but social media groups can provide you easier access if you are looking to build your portfolio or tap into some local talent. You can also find local work or contribute to an ongoing project through networking with other freelancers in the area.

1. Pakistani Freelancers

With more than 18,000 members and a no-tolerance admin policy, this Facebook page is arguably the biggest and oldest such community for Pakistani freelancers – graphic designers, web developers, content writers and project managers. For anyone working in the freelance business, in any capacity or any line of work, this is the big general community that you want to be a part of.

Founded by Badar Khushnood, of Google fame, the group is meant to be a platform for sharing experiences and opportunities among the freelancer community in Pakistan. Users have reached out to the group with job opportunities, requests for advice/help on freelancing issues or sharing their experiences. Feel free to use this group as a way to get in on more freelance work or reaching out to experienced freelancers for advice.

2. Freelancers in Pakistan

This group does not limit itself to the virtual world and invites its members to meet other freelance professionals at networking events. This could provide a great chance to leave the screen and get some fresh air with fellow freelancers over a meal or refreshments. The distinction from the last group is perhaps that this group is focused on freelancers who live in Pakistan versus Pakistani Freelancers around the world.

Unlike the “Elance Pakistan” group, this one claims to be supported by Elance – one of the largest marketplaces for freelance work. With about 1,600 members, the group’s content is moderated and users share work opportunities and calls for advice/help from fellow freelancers. It appears that this group might have stronger numbers from Islamabad and Lahore.

3. Pakistani Pro Bloggers

The group is described as a place for pro bloggers to share ideas, stories and tips as part of the Pakistani blogger community. The focus on bloggers narrows down the general freelance community to those who actively work on blogs. With members touching 1,900, this platform is being mostly used to share SEO job opportunities or propositions for buying/selling websites or social media pages. The upside is that the content on the page is moderated strictly so you won’t be bombarded with self-promotional links – just the serious stuff.

4. Elance Pakistan

Using the name of the popular freelancing website Elance to attract freelancers to a common place on Facebook, the group description quickly gives out the disclaimer that this is not an official Elance page. Members, in the past, have posted job opportunities for SEO writers and programmers or advertised themselves as being available for work.

5. Content Writers

With about 6,000 members, this group is dedicated to content writers – be it for blogs, websites, e-books, speeches or technical projects. Again, coming down from the general freelance classification, you can count on this group to be more focused on posts and members focused on content writing. The group doesn’t limit itself to any single nationality – the posts seem to be coming mostly from Indian and Pakistani users. The posts do not appear to be moderated/regularly moderated with self-promotional links sprinkled around the more useful work opportunities shared by group members.

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