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5 Mistakes That Can Make Your Content Marketing Strategy Backfire

Content is King!

We all have heard about this statement ever since we’ve stepped into the digital arena.

And trust me, it’s true to its core.

If you want to create an impact through your online presence, good content takes the lead over everything else. If carefully executed, content marketing can increase your presence and authority on the internet in a tremendous way. That said, people involved in content marketing need to know that it may be a gold mine but, is not necessarily a walk in the park.

Your content marketing efforts can also negatively impact the search rankings by causing unforeseen harm such as a damaged reputation and a huge loss in terms of money and time. Regardless of your intended ROI, be informed to avoid the following five mistakes as these may backfire and cause irreversible harm to your all efforts.

Mistake 1: If you are publishing Reedy Content

There are many reasons that may cause content to be thin or reedy. You must be wondering what thin content actually is?

So, if the value of the content you offer is not proportional to its word count, then it will, in many cases appear as slim or thin content. For instance, providing a write-up of about 1,000 words for content that can be summarised into a single sentence, then that content is scanty and thus reedy.

What brings thin content? In many cases, it is the drive to produce a given quantity of content as opposed to quality. Detailed content is cool but only of the value provided is proportional. For instance, if an entrepreneur hears that content marketing is great for good rankings, he may start to write a new article each new day, paying attention to the number of keywords that can be included into an article as opposed to the value of the information you can provide to the would-be readers.

A thin article can be a boomerang. How, you ask? Well, its reception by the readers is not good, this will greatly reduce the chances them sharing it on other sites and platforms. It acts as a total turnoff and readers may not return to your website. If your content is of low quality, then it will suffer a drop in search engines.

Mistake 2: If you are over-emphasizing your brand

This is a problem that can affect content marketing in many ways when there is too much branded or sponsored content doing rounds on your web page which makes it a bit challenging for a particular article to be unique and notable. In content marketing, oversaturation manifests itself in the form of common topics coming up quite regularly but with little or no expansion. Whatever you do, just make sure that your content does not seem to be trying too hard to reach the readers or users.

How can over concentration backfire on your marketing campaign? Showing too much concentration towards a brand creates the impression of disorder and incapability. It also causes an irritant feeling every time readers come across it. Consider providing content that stands out from fellow competitors and makes you remain viable. Keep your content as relevant as possible and to the point. This way, you will be certain of keeping your followers and your content has higher chances of earning shares on other channels and platforms.

Mistake 3: You write without connecting to your audience

Your campaign on content marketing can either fail or succeed depending on how much you know about your audience and how do you relate to your followers, readers, or users. For instance, how many times have you gone back to the comments section to reply to readers who read your content? If your content is being published on social media channels, keep a track of who is liking it and who are dissing it.

Show acknowledgment and connect with your audience on a deeper level. Strive to know and understand your customers, know what they want to read about, carry out an extensive fact-finding research, and finally present it in a manner that is easy to read and understand. Also, make constant contact with readers by replying to them as often as possible and thanking them for taking the time to share content they have read on your site.

Mistake 4: If you are Publishing Incorrect or Fake Content

Content that is inaccurate can be just as harmful as reedy content, this is regardless of whether it is unique and well-detailed. In many cases, incorrect data can appear as a deliberate effort to fool the public. For instance, if the content contains fake statistics intended for reader’s persuasion.

In many cases, incorrect statistics are a result of sheer laziness. The content creator may opt not to cross check facts before listing them out of laziness. Many prospective readers tend to be quite sensitive and distrustful. This means that should they find any reason to discredit your article, it dispirits them immediately.

So what’s the way forward for content marketers? Make an effort to fact-check all content before making an official publication. Make sure that your content is as accurate as possible. Choosing to go through short-cuts can easily harm your reputation and rankings noting that Google’s algorithms are said to have an ability to detect the accuracy of content.

Mistake 5: You are forming some shaky relationships

The kind of relationship that you maintain outside your content marketing site will, to some extent, determine the visibility of your site. Here is an example, if you are only getting links from one single site, then Google will treat you as a suspicious citation and regardless of how many time this site cites your content, you may never get a good rating on the search engine.

Another key thing to note is that, whenever you consider doing or offering a guest post on your site, make sure it is a trusted publisher or source. This should be your first priority. Build chains and connections that impact your reputation positively, otherwise, Google will note you as an untrustworthy site.

In Summary

With the right effort put in place, content marketing is a great venture. Simply follow these simple guidelines: Make your write-up catchy and interesting to read. Your readers will like your content and find pleasure sharing it with their friends.

It’s a tough competition. Go an extra mile. Be the one that stands out. If you do not do this, your content marketing strategy could just be counting ticks before it backfires on you.

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