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50 Sites Every Professional Should Know About

There are literally thousands of sites and services available for professionals whether they’re organisation tools, online classes, money management or networking sites. So you have more time to focus on what’s important to you, we’ve created a list of websites that every professional needs: 


Chances are you’ve already heard of and may even possibly already be using Evernote. This celebrated service lets you set reminders and schedule your life using text, photo, audio recordings and websites clippings.


Trello is extremely useful if you’re working with a large group from different locations. Manage your tasks, ideas and due dates and record the process using different categories and columns.


Like Trello, Hackpad is great for collaboration projects. You can invite numerous people to contribute to your work, or you can always keep them private.


If you’re prone to distraction, RescueTime will monitor how you spend your time on your computer and mobile devices so you can learn about your habits and help you to correct them.

Remember the Milk

Not only does this to-do list manager have a catchy name, it also has numerous bonuses. Sync your to-do lists with all you devices, share tasks with your friends and colleagues and configure email or text reminders so you never forget anything again.


Coffitivity is my number one bookmark as it provides relaxing yet productivity inducing background noises from coffee shops and universities to keep you focused.


Due to the fact nobody likes using fac machines if there’s any other alternative, FaxZero allows you to send and receive faxes through your email. is crucial if you often sign up to newsletters and then instantly regret it when your inbox is flooded with spam. Use this site to unsubscribe from those annoying newsletters and keep your inbox organised.


Organize your notes and websites into folders so you don’t have a mess of bookmarks.


HabitForge keeps track of how well you’re adopting a new habit via reminders and check-ins.


Ever wondered how others perceive your emails? Hemingway breaks it down for you.


By far the best RSS reader avaliable, Feedly will keep you up-to-date on all yur favourite news sites and blogs.


If you don’t have the time to read an article right now, send it to Pocket: it’ll store it for later.


Use TaskRabbit to create time in your busy schedule by outsourcing tasks.


Hunt down your dream job.


The networkers’ network.


Transform a boring resume into a creative piece of art.


Discover which positions pay differently depending on your location.


Get rid of all those pesky, embarrassing photos of you on the web.


If This Then That, also known as IFTTT, lets apps, online programs, and services collaborate to simplify your life.


Infamous website Lifehacker will solve problems you never even knew you had.


Schedule your doctor appointments online.


Live classes from professionals in every field so you can learn anything new any time.


Choose from an array of languages to learn – and all for free.


Find out about future conferences and events so you can network.

Conference Bites

Conference Bites is filled with one-liners you can use at networking events.


Learn new tech-related skills using the Skillcrush bootcamp emails.


Learn how to code like a pro.


Courses are available from Yale, Stanford, and other elite universities and completely free.


Anyone who works in media will love this amazing reserve of information on everything from event planning to grammar.

Muse University

Figure out what you want to do for a living then take free classes on that subject.


All the newest information and viral videos all the time.


Inspiration captured on video from thousands of incredible people.


The best and biggest online quiz site.


Get smarter through this sites various, addictive games.


Do you have a weird question that search engines simply can’t answer? Quora probably has the answer to your question and more.


Facts about everything, delivered in bite size slides.


Join a community trying to do GOOD in the world.


Share and read some of the world’s best ideas.

Creative Market

Fonts, WordPress themes and illustrations: they’re all here.

Create infographics easily.


Display your work and discover what other people are making.

Create a mind map of all your thoughts and ideas on


A fantastic publication aimed at ambitious women.


Track discounts and perks from all your credit cards and organizations through this online dashboard.


Manage all of your credit cards, bank accounts, and loans in one place.


Investment management made easy.


All you need to know about money, markets and investing.


If you need to go on a business trip, or simply need to plan a holiday, there are some fantastic deals on flights and hotels on Hipmunk.

Fast Company

Business news has never had a better platform.

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