6 More Cities To Be Made Part of The ‘Safe City Project’

Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) has announced an expansion of its Safe City Project. The authority is currently in the process of setting up Integrated Computerized Command and Control Systems in six major cities of the province: Multan, Bahawalpur, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala and Sarghoda. Lahore has already been successfully deployed with the Computerized Command and Control technology.

Cost of this expansion program is expected to hover around Rs45 billion. The integrated security system is expected to be fully operational by March 2018 in all 6 of these cities.  It has also been reported that all 6 of these Punjab Police Integrated Command, Control and Communication (PPIC3) centres  will be interconnected to enable a robust security net.

The sources said depending on their demographic and security profiles, each city  will receive different amount for project financing:

  • Rs5.5 billion for Sargodha
  • Rs5.6 billion for Bahawalpur
  • Rs7.8 billion for Multan
  • Rs7.8 billion for Gujranwala
  • Rs9.2 billion for Faisalabad
  • Rs9.2 billion for Rawalpindi

Role of Punjab Safe City Authority (PSCA)

The Punjab Safe City Authority improves law enforcement ability of Police and security authorities to ensure timely response to emergencies and crime prevention by equipping them with state-of-the-art technology. PSCA aims to integrate cutting-edge technology with a strong police database in order to maintain a high level of security surveillance across the province.

The safe city project – led by PSCA – installs high-grade surveillance cameras, with meticulous recognition capacity, at all major city hotspots. The surveillance devices connected via 4G technology are able to capture live video footage and stream them to command centres where personnel can monitor live preview of all incoming feeds from various stations on the network — thereby providing greater security for common citizens.

Pakistan, at the present moment, is facing multi-form terrorism. There are several efforts under way to assess security needs and develop new initiatives to meet them. After the identification, and corresponding arrest of the recent Lahore blast facilitator, via the security camera’s CCTV footage, the significance of this project needs no more emphasis.

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