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9th International Defense Exhibition To Open In Karachi This Week


3 months ago


Pakistan is going to host an international defense exhibition, IDEAS (International Defense Exhibition and Seminar), on Nov. 22nd , at the Karachi Expo Center. Opening on Nov. 22nd , the four-day exhibition will showcase globally and locally-manufactured military hardware: fighter aircrafts, missiles, tanks, drones and firearms.

Participants of IDEAS 2016

The exhibition is going to be held under tight security. Over 418 companies from 34 countries will exhibit their products, out of them 261 are from abroad, Tahir Javed, Director Media of the Defence Export Promotion Organisation (DEPO), told the reporters.

The International Defense Exhibition and Seminar (IDEAS) 2016 will be attended by defense ministers, delegates, ambassadors, secretaries, military representatives from different countries, he added.

“The first day of the exhibition will be dedicated to officially invited delegations consist of senior government officials of foreign states, exhibitors and businessmen from Pakistan and abroad,” he maintained.

Special Exhibitors

Chinese, Russian and Turkish participants have been assigned special entitlement to showcase their innovative defense products, arms and equipments.

China, Russia and Turkey are the key global players. These countries have strong influence in their respective regions. Pakistan can collaborate and work with these nations to make its defense production facilities more efficient based on the progress they have made.

There are strong military ties between Pakistan and China. In recent times this relationship has got stronger through ongoing military projects and agreements between the two countries.

Russian state-controlled arms’ import and export firm, Russia Rosoboronexport, will be participating in the exhibition. The number of Russian exhibitors has also increased, from 1 in IDEAS 2014 to 3 this year.

Products to be showcased

Some of the major locally developed defense items and to be displayed at IDEAS 2016 include battle JF-17 Thunder, Al-Khalid tank, Craft Missile boats, Super Mushshak and K-8 aircraft, armored personnel carriers and premium military hardware.

Besides displaying of products, there will be many high level talks among government officials and foreign delegates during the four-day IDEAS event. Many conferences and seminars have been planned at the exhibition site on Nov. 22, 23 and 24.

Image: Reuters 

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