Aaj Kya Pakaen- An Essential App For Cooking

Whether you live alone, or as part of a couple, or a family, with friends or extended family, there is one problem that never ends. What should we make for dinner today? You want something different, but something good, and you either can’t think of anything, or you can’t agree on anything. But before you give up and make Maggi noodles, try out this app called Aaj Kya Pakaen.

With the number of apps that have been released by Pakistani startups in the last few years, it only makes sense that there should be one that deals with the one issue that can send even the most seasoned of cooks into a frenzy of confusion. There are several TV channels and shows in Pakistan now that are devoted to showcasing new recipes and techniques for cooking, and while they are a good source for ideas on what to cook, they don’t have the same kind of options and ease that this app can provide.

What It Is

Aaj Kya Pakaen is an app that gives users ideas for new recipes everyday. Users have the option of getting different suggestions, and browsing through them as well. The app also provides the recipe, making it easier to browse through the ingredients needed, which helps the cook decide whether or not a certain recipe is worth pursuing.

An additional feature of the app is that it provides ideas for what to cook and eat, and recipes in both English and Urdu, making it more accessible.

There is also an option to add names of foods users like, and these will then be included in future recommendations.

The app primarily focuses on Pakistani and South Asian cuisine. This is already the most prevalent cuisine in the country, and when people want to eat something different, it often means something new. Given this, it makes sense for the app makers to include more cuisines in the suggestions, giving a wider range of ideas. Also, it sometimes helps to see pictures of the food itself, not to mention it’s fun, and could make the app even more appealing overall.

The app is available for both iOS and Android devices, at Google Play and on the App Store.

Eccentrica Technologies

Aaj Kya Pakaen was developed by Eccentrica Technologies, which is a startup based in Lahore.

Eccentrica Technologies builds apps for different devices, and its range of products includes games as well. Other apps it has developed include GPS Speedometer, which “calculates and displays the speed of the user on surface of earth and on oceans, lakes and rivers.” Another app is Doodle Parachute Attack, which is a game for Blackberry Playbook, though it is expected it will be released for other operating systems soon.

The CEO of Eccentrica Technologies is Syed Basit Ali.

He explained to Dawn News that his company is veering towards providing products and services that add value and have a high standard for quality. He said, “The industry is flooded with mobile app developers and the number of apps coming out is overwhelming. I think we’ve reached a point where we have good numbers out there and it is about time we transition from quantity to quality. As we move toward quality apps, we will go higher in ranks of countries making mobile apps. I’m sure we can be one of the top app makers (a place known for quality app developers) within a couple of years. The transition has begun.”

The company also developed an app for Shaukat Khanum hospital, through which donations can be tracked, as well as hospital news and progress.

Eccentrica Technologies has partnered with Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital, Blackberry Alliance, Android Market, and Blackberry App World.

Their Aaj Kya Pakaen app has been getting more popular as users find it both useful and effective. Check it out now by clicking the links provided below.


Download Aaj Kya Pakaen

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