Abid Hospital in Pakistan Becomes The First Asian Hospital To Accept Cryptocurrency

Located in Blue Area, Islamabad, Abid Hospital has become the first Asian hospital to accept cryptocurrency known as PakCoin. It is a digital currency, developed along lines of Bitcoin, and a replacement to cash. The hospital is offering 20% to everyone who chooses to pay with PakCoin. Abid Hospital made an official announcement of the development on their Facebook page as well.

About Abid Hospital

Founded more than two years ago in January 2015, Abid Hospital is equipped with the latest technology. It is a multidisciplinary hospital which provides patient care including emergencies, round the clock.

At present, the hospital is offering 50% discount for OPD and Lab, 20% for IPD, to Islamabad Police and Traffic Police. In addition, they also cater those patients who are less privileged and cannot afford the treatment.

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Following are some of the companies which are on the panel service of Abid Hospital:

  • EFU (Allianz)
  • Pakistan Engineering Council
  • Sabro
  • Zarai Taraqiyati Bank Limited

PakCoin – Digital solution to your payment problems

Many of you must be familiar with Bitcoin – a digital currency. This currency is held electronically with no such things as notes or papers or anything remotely physical. It is very different from other currencies as it is not created physically.

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Similarly, Pakistan’s first-ever digital cryptocurrency PakCoin is an open-sourced peer-to-peer digital currency. Based on LiteCoin, it can be used by both national and international customers. Furthermore, the digital currency promises great future, rapid and risk-free transactions.

A process known as mining is used for the creation of digital currency. PakCoin has got an overall capacity of mining 182 million PakCoins. In addition, it is relevant to mention that 10% of the PakCoins are pre-mined.

“150,000 Pakistanis will receive 50 Pakcoins for free”

The worth of one PakCoin is currently $0.001033 (PKR 0.11) as per CoinMarketCap.

Do you think cryptocurrency will have some future in Pakistan?

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