Add2Store: The Online Store That Lets You Sell Anything from Anywhere In The World, Without Storing Anything

Tel Aviv-based Add2Store is starting to develop a community where buyers and sellers will have open access to products they want to buy and sell online. This is a great step in order to democratize the commerce industry so that everyone can benefit from it equally.

The process of creating an online market may seem easy at first, but when you actually start to make one you come across many hurdles. At the outset, you will have to make your own website. For this purpose you will either hire a developer or do it yourself. Even if you have finally build your own website, another big obstacle will be right there, staring at you; will you make contracts with other suppliers? How will you arrange a delivery system and last but not the least; how to obtain verified payment method?

Let’s imagine you successfully pass all these hurdles and now you are finally in the market. There will still be a 70% chance that you will get outmatched in front of the biggest organizations such as Alibaba, Amazon, and eBay.

To every problem there is a solution, and we have one right with us in the form of Add2Store.

Co-founder, Barak Finkelshtein stated:

“We are a marketplace for sellers. Think of us as a huge catalog, where you can pick and choose items and decide what you want to sell online”

Add2Store works by uniting big suppliers that would normally list just on sites like Alibaba and associates them to those people who are interested in selling their products online.

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Barak Finkelshtein, who is also an entrepreneur said:

“Alibaba is not a drop shipping website – it’s a retail website. You can buy in bulk but if you locate the supplier and you want him to drop ship it doesn’t happen. They send bulk stock in containers – you can’t ship one or two items”

Even in this field, there is competition. An organization named Doba also provides the same services but it charges the suppliers and the clients a specific monthly fee along with a fixed cost on each sold item. Add2Store doesn’t follow the same principle as it charges a small 5% fee on each sale without any monthly fees.

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How does Add2Store work?

In simple words, if you are a human and you have no products in your possession and you want to sell things across the world, you can sign up for an account on Add2Store. After signing up, you will be shown a list of available items through which you can choose the product you want to sell. Moreover, you can choose the rates you would like to sell your product. Later, you can start your own business through it. This is a simple yet an effective method.

For instance: I want to sell shirts in different countries such as US, UK, and China, I will look up for suppliers dealing in shirts through Add2Store. The supplier can be anywhere in the world. I will just have to contact him and he will reserve a specific amount of stock for me to sell. After getting confirmation of the stock, I would then list my product on different websites such as Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba. All I will have to do is drag and drop, the Add2Store will take care of the rest such as product images, product descriptions etc.

If someone sees my product and wants to buy it, he/she will have to follow the regular instructions on eBay or any other site. On the other hand, Add2Store’s team would deal with the buyer and also with the shipment of the product. The payment will be made after the confirmation of the delivery.

If a person has a shop in China, his product will be available throughout the world. A baby chairs manufacturing company once enlisted 10 of their items on Add2Store and their product was sold within a week. The revenues for different clients, too, have increased up to 40%.

Notion of Add2Store

The idea for this platform came to Barak when he attempted to develop a program to translate Taobao into English. He did the hard work in order to make products available globally. That was the time when he came up with the idea of Add2Store with the aim of bringing suppliers together and making their products available throughout the world. Barak told that his idea will bring a lot of big and small suppliers together because this will help the suppliers to increase the publicity of their product. Furthermore, Barak added:

“We are getting bigger minute by minute as users understand the opportunity ahead,”

Although the team is looking for funds, they are not that much concerned as the design for the system will generate revenue from the very first day of initiation. Add2Store currently has 300 active suppliers and 100 sellers.

Would you like to become one by using their platform?

Source: Tech in Asia

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