Affordable Logo Design Tools for Small Businesses

Creating a brand can sometimes be as difficult as setting up the business itself. After all, there are a number of things to take care of- company’s mission statement and vision, marketing strategies, logo and color palette, etc.

If you don’t want to break your bank but at the same time want premium branding solutions, then the Internet has a number of options for you. Some of them that are worth considering are:

  1. Brandmark

Brandmark is a popular logo designer that allows you to create a company logo quickly without doing a lot of actual “design work”. All you have to do is provide your business name and tagline (if you want), enter a few keywords that are relevant to your brand, and pick a color style from the options provided. The service will create different types of appropriate logos for you to pick from.

Brandmark is pretty decent especially for today’s standards and is actually a viable option when you know it’s time to update your brand for a fresher look. However, it’s pricing can put some users off. The starter plan come at $25 which allows you to download a PNG file of the logo. However, if you want Facebook cover designs, social media icons, print-quality vector, etc. then you have to shell out $65 for the designer plan, or even more for the Enterprise plan (costs $175) if you want even more features.

  1. Tailor Brands

Can affordability and professional quality co-exist when it comes to branding services? The answer is yes, and Tailor Brands logo design and branding platform achieve this balance.

Tailor Brands is an innovative and unparalleled branding platform that’s powered by a proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithm. It takes out all the guesswork from the logo designing process and creates a premium and unique company logo for you in a matter of minutes on the basis of the inputs received from you such as the name of the brand, industry type, company description, etc.

Although Tailor Brands is one of the most advanced branding service providers in the market today, it’s quite affordable.

  1. Logojoy

There is no death of resources and UX design tips that the startups can implement today, but there is limited information on how you can create a powerful company logo yourself. Well, Logojoy is here to change that for good.

Logojoy is a comprehensive logo design service that offers a user-friendly interface to help you create exactly the kind of company logo you are looking for. The following are the steps you can take to create your company logo with their service:

  • Pick an inspiration i.e. a template for your logo design
  • Pick the color scheme you want
  • Enter your company name and slogan
  • Pick up to 3 symbols that should be used for the logo
  • The program will create some of the top logos that meet your requirements (there are more than half a million design combinations possible)

Logojoy is easily one of the most professional and refined logo design platforms out there. However, you may find its designs unoriginal or dull, in which case you can consider other options.

  1. Canva

Canva is an affordable design tool that’s easy-to-use – perfect for logos, email banners, presentations, flyers, and more.  It’s different than most logo designers on the Internet because of its “drag and drop” feature that makes designing a lot easier than faster.

Canva also offers a variety of photo editing features like image blur, speech bubbles, stickers, textures, etc. and has a massive library of license-free photos that you can use for your websites, blogs, etc.

  1. Cool Text Logo Maker

If you have no budget whatsoever for a company logo, then Cool Text might interest you.

Cool Text Logo Maker is a no-frills but absolutely free logo design platform that you can use for creating an “okayish” company logo. Although there isn’t much to it- there are around 126 fixed designs that you can choose from and a few options for tweaking the final product- it gets the job done, that’s all. However, since it’s free, you can’t really complain.  

Gone are the days when you needed a huge budget to market your business. Today, there are all kinds of affordable solutions for the small businesses on the Internet, and branding is no different. So, look into the products shared above. You are bound to find one that works for you.

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