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26 Amazing and Reliable Sources for Coronavirus Stats

SARS-CoV-2. COVID-19. Coronavirus. No matter under what name the pandemic actually appears in the headlines, every article needs to include one item: data.

In this time of insecurity, people turn back to hard facts. But where to get these facts? Unfortunately, there are droves of unreliable information out there. 

We’ve done that part of the research for you. Here are 26 reliable stats pages to get your data fill. 

Global data

  1. Worldometers is a one-stop shop for data needs. It pulls data directly from the individual countries’ official statistics pages.
  2. The World Health Organization provides both a dashboard and more detailed information.
  3. The European Agency for Disease Control provides a daily situation update, an interactive dashboard and policy documents. Plus: Extensive information on data collection. 
  4. Noted computation and data company Wolfram runs this COVID-19 Coronavirus Dashboard.
  5. One of the most-used map-based data tools is hosted by ArcGIS here.
  6. Originally providing founded data on the Wuhan outbreak, 1Point3Acres has transformed into a global data source.
  7. John Hopkins University also provides a map dashboard.
  8. For data analytics, Public Health England has you covered with historical data here (Excel file).
  9. Oxford University backs OurWorldInData, which has any number of graphs to explore the current situation.
  10. Euronews is constantly reporting and interpreting data.
  11. Statista has prepared a multitude of analyses, as well as an extensive dossier.
  12. For impactful data visualizations, try Information Is Beautiful.
  13. DOMO delivers a terrific overview and then goes up and beyond: forecasts, economic impact, interactive charts – nothing is left out.
  14. Commercial intelligence company Evaluate has also turned its know-how to Coronavirus analyses.
  15. For a truly comprehensive treatment, you need not go further than the data journalists at The New York Times.
  16. Want the latest scientific headlines on high-profile studies? Then head over to the COVID-19 section of the renowned journal Nature.
  17. Science, another high-profile journal has made their coronavirus coverage accessible free of charge. 
  18. At Elsevier, one of the largest scientific publishing houses out there, a coronavirus resource directory has been set up, with a massive assortment of information, including free access to over 21,000 related articles. 
  19. Wiley, another scientific publishing company, has also set up an information hub, with resources ranging from the latest scientific news, to reactions from the research community, and tips for data visualization. 


  1. USA: The Covidtracking project speaks for itself.
  2. USA: Wolfram has US-specific data, too. 
  3. USA: Official CDC information with constant updates – plus a demographic breakdown.
  4. UK: Government COVID-19 data outlet. 
  5. France also has an official dashboard here.
  6. Germany’s Zeit is running a real-time tracking project (in German). 
  7. Pakistan Government has also launched this dashboard.
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