Amazing Innovations at CES 2015 You Should Know About

CES 2015 –  Innovation, Unleashed

For tech lovers, the CES show is the most awaited event of the year and rightly so. The world’s largest tech show attracts thousands of new age products and prototypes that redefine the technology as we know it. The main aim of the show, however, is to put innovation on display and it does that so well. From tech giants to small startups, companies make their best effort to ride the PR bandwagon and publicity that this show potentially offers, to make a mark in their respective niche. Every product showcased at CES 2015 had something new to offer to the tech thirsty attendees.

Here are the few devices that have made it to our list of the most innovative products of the CES 2015. These products are certain to push the envelope further, and create new benchmarks for the future technology to evolve at a greater pace.


Parents looking to offer some motivation to their kids to read will surely love the MagicBook that adds music, videos, sounds and 3D like images to regular paper books. The creators of the MagicBook app have plans to polish their apps further for better viewing before making it available to buyers early next year.

Pulse LED Bulbs/Speakers

CES_Innovation 1

Last year, we saw light bulbs that could be controlled by your smartphone. This time LED bulbs just got way better. The Pulse Bulb not only acts as a light bulb, it also doubles as a speaker. One can play music from their Smartphones by connecting it to the bulb, to a maximum of six bulbs. Now, don’t scratch your head because that is what the CES is all about.


CES_Innovation 2

Most of us rely on medicines to relieve chronic nerve pains. Quell is a wearable passport-sized device that tells your body to release pain relieving opioids that helps with nerve conditions including fibromyalgia, sciatica and rheumatoid. It is also accompanied by an app that allows users to set their session length, track their sessions over time and keep a check on the device’s battery life.

StoreDot Phone

CES_Innovation 3

StoreDot, an Israel-based company, has designed a modified phone with an advanced battery that can charge up to 100 times faster than any current batteries in the market. While the design has been completed, the small company is looking to offer license to device manufacturers for its mass production.

Netatmo Welcome

CES_Innovation 4

Netatmo introduced their latest camera, Welcome, that can detect a person’s face and inform the owner who has entered the house. It also has advanced features, including night vision and recorder. As a security gadget, this is a smart sleek device that certainly does what it is meant to, while also adding a flavor of urban chic to the house.

Intel’s Smart Clip

CES_Innovation 5

We have heard lots of horrifying stories about how busy parents often accidently forget their child in the back seat of their car and go about doing their duty. The Intel’s Smart clip is a small clip that is attached to the child’s car seat and it sends alerts to the parent’s phone if they detect a child in the seat when the car is not in motion for a while. While the idea may be simple, it can save lives.

Naim Audio Mu-So

CES_Innovation 6

For people who love to own a portable wireless speaker, Mu-so is definitely the best you can find. It has every connectivity option you can think of, and has six built-in speakers. The sound filtration takes place through 450 watts of amplification, and the volume knob is exceptionally built to impress.

Parrot Zik Sport

CES_Innovation 7

It is a combination of headphones, fitness tracker and a heart rate monitor. It also records advanced fitness metrics and even though is still conceptual, this highly advanced and geeky looking wireless headphones are sure to make their way around in the mainstream market soon.

Harman Individual Sound Zones Technology

CES_Innovation 8

More than a product, this is a technological concept that uses advanced digital signal processing concept and directional speakers to create individual sound zones in the car. This basically means that passengers in the cars would have their own sound zones where they would be able to listen to their choice of music, take a Bluetooth phone call, and so on, without interfering with other passengers. As the technology is still primarily in the development phase, it is near completion and the company is in talks with the auto manufacturers to get the technology to future cars, starting as early as next year.


CES_Innovation 9

Now, with a camera like this one, you certainly can take the pictures like never before. Fitted with ultra wide angle lens, it has the capability to take 240 degrees of vertical video and 360 degrees of horizontal video. It basically means that when you watch the video, you can circle the cam angle and see what has been going around at that time. It has a 3 hours of battery life, which is sufficient for the waterproof sportscam this size. It is definitely the to-go sportscam when you are going outdoors, and its stylish design is sure to keep the users mesmerized.

Final Thoughts

These products created waves among the audience and hold much promise when they become available commercially. The companies are getting unprecedented response from the media, attendees and the industry at large. The world of technology gathered for a party at CES 2015, and it looks like the party has just started as announcements, press releases and teasers by many companies as to what they are working on, clearly indicates that next year CES is only going to get bigger and better. The world’s biggest tech show has been known to push its limits year after year, and this year has been no different, especially with its stream of tech startups that seems to have given giant companies a run for their money.

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