Android Beats iOS, Samsung Tops Market Share in Pakistan

Despite the deteriorating economic situation, the Pakistani telecom sector seems to be booming at an exponential rate. Smartphones are becoming more of a social stature indicator than a necessity in Asia, thanks to the depletion of the basic personality driven satisfactory societal factors. Whatever the reason may be, one thing is for sure: with the launch of 3G and 4G services in Pakistan, the era of telecom boom has entered a new phase.

Year 2014 saw a massive boost in the smartphone sector in Pakistan. Grappetite published a detailed report on the telecom statistics in Pakistan which sums up the evolving scene nicely.

Android Crushes iOS and Windows in Pakistan

According to the report, 68% of the smartphones in Pakistan are powered by Android OS. This is not a surprise, as Android is booming around the world and latest report from Gartner has established the fact that Android is the single behemoth bossing the mobile software space. iOS stands second with 24% and Windows phones are third, with only 8%.

Pakistanis Love Samsung Phones

Samsung is the top company in Pakistan, with more than 34% of the total smartphone market share. Although there are several new entrants in the local market in Asia, like Xiaomi, Q-Mobile and Oppo, Samsung currently leads with a clear margin.

24% of the Pakistani smartphone users have iPhones according to the report. Q-Mobile has an impressive 21% market share. Nokia, Blackberry and HTC counts 20%, 14% and 11% respectively.

28% Pakistanis still using normal cell phones

There are around 130 million mobile users in Pakistan, according to some reports. Out of these, around 72% are using smartphones and 28% are still using normal mobile phones.

16% Pakistani use Paid apps— Impressive!

Regarding apps and data usage, 84% of Pakistanis use free apps and 16% have actually paid for the apps from various mobile app stores.

Everyone uses phone for Facebook and Videos!

Smartphones are used mainly for social media and entertainment purposes in Pakistan. The report depicts that Facebook mobile app is used by 90% of people. 72% play games and 64% watch photos and videos on their phones.

Monthly Billing Stats

Another interesting metric shows how much spending Pakistanis do on their cell phone data usage. 41% users in Pakistan spend more than 500 PKR monthly on their mobile billing. 15% spend between 300PKR to 500PKR. 26% spend less than 150PKR a month.

Smartphone users’ ages

Out of all the smartphone users, 77% are millennials, lying in the age group of 21-30. Surprisingly, only 1% of the smartphone users are above 41 years of age.

Mobile Internet

The report says that around 52% of the Pakistani smartphones users actually use 3G, GPRS, Edge and other forms of SIM based internet.

The Pakistani smartphone market will aggrandize in terms of maturity, revenue and usage, especially after the recent launch of 3G and 4G. As the PTA tightens its hold on the Telecom companies, year 2015 is crucial in defining the future path of telecom sector in Pakistan

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