Apple Goes Basic: Posts YouTube Tutorials on How to Best Use the iPhone Camera

In an interesting move, Apple has posted a playlist of ‘how to’ videos on its official YouTube channel about its iPhone camera. Normally, the official YouTube channel is the place where Apple posts ads about its products. The deviation, however, underlines the fact that the company is always keen to improvise to attract maximum user attention.

The videos posted are all about 40 seconds long and primarily focused on basics of iPhone photography. The videos include tips on how to best manage portraits or how to take an ideal panorama shot. If you are interested in photography, you can also get some general photography tips from the tech giant.

One of the important video explains how you can get the best out of a picture in bad or low light. Do note that these tips are for beginner photographers and if you happen to know anything about photography, you will find these tips pretty basic. There are however many people who would like to learn about these basic tips and that is the kind of audience Apple is probably aiming at.

What’s the talking point for the videos?

The real talking about the videos is the aspect ratio. Yes, you read it correctly, the aspect ratio. Most of the advertising videos are scaled to fit on larger screen and are in portrait mode. These however are not following the norm and are all vertical.

This in a way shows that Apple has developed them specifically targeting the handheld device market. The graphics and text vibe of the videos is also something that Apple hasn’t tried before, and is something new.

Does Apple Still Have The Camera Edge in Smart Devices Market?

Apple aficionados will probably stop reading this right here, but the market has evolved a lot over the last few years. Apple Cameras were once the gold standard in phone photography but now it seems that competition is catching up. Not only that, Samsung, Nexus, and LG all have flagship phones that can easily rival and even out-perform Apple camera on any given day.

Apple needs more than vertical videos of photography tips to make people fall in love with its camera. And this is probably as clear a picture as it will ever get for the company.

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