Apple Pay Extends Its Services To 20 Countries, Takes Over 90% of Transaction

While we will need to sit tight somewhat longer for Apple to dispatch payments in iMessage, Jennifer Bailey – Apple’s VP of Apple Pay, has made public a recent development for the computerized wallet and payments service. It is relevant to mention that Apple Pay contends with other wallet services like Android Pay from Google and Samsung’s wallet.

As per the news, organizations who have partnered with Apple Pay have revealed that 90% of all mobile contactless transactions are being done with Apple Pay. This shows how Apple is going to take over the digital market when it comes to using smartphones as credit cards.

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At the Money 20/20 conference in Vegas, Bailey said:

“Apple Pay is the future of everyday spend.”

Likewise, Bailey shared that Apple Pay is also launching in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and the UAE in the following couple of days, bringing the aggregate number of nations where it is utilized to 20. What’s more, she said that 4,000 issuers across the world now work with the wallet. While these may not seem like huge numbers, 20 markets speak to an entire 70% of the world’s card transaction volume, she noted.

With that development, she added Apple Pay will turn out to be available everywhere, not simply as far as retailers, but even farther then that.

Send and spend

Apple Pay Cash will work just like Venmo, enabling clients to exchange cash rapidly to each other through iMessage, Siri and different channels — an application that thousands of Apple representatives are presently using as a part of a beta version. After the testing phase, the service will be released to the general public through an iOS 11 update.

Moreover, clients could take that cash and spend it specifically at retailers that support Apple Pay.

This is eminent in light of the fact that it’s an early case of how Apple may conceivably (not currently, but rather later on) give a wallet benefit where it acts not similarly as where you can store other payment instruments, however turns into the payment and storage instrument itself.

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Bailey additionally gave a list that addresses new retailers that are presently supporting Apple Pay, and old retailers that are seeing solid utilization of the service. Here are a couple of the more eminent ones:

1- Apple Pay is currently working at more than 50% of all retail stores in the U.S., including 67 of the top 100 US retailers. Full roll-outs consist of the supermarket chain Albertsons (2,300 areas) and Dick’s Sporting Goods (675 areas). This is especially convincing in situations where cards themselves have not been empowered with contactless/NFC payment innovation

2- Bailey said that everyday commerce such as transportation, ordering pizza or meals, and contactless tickets are “blooming”. Ticketmaster is presently switching to contactless tickets for U.S. sports stadiums and concert venues

3- Apple said that the amount of these everyday transactions is already twice than that of traditional e-commerce transactions. Moreover, the number is growing five times faster than physical retail

With Apple Cash, Apple is going to show how our devices are helping us out in our everyday lives, even if we’re not using them for direct payments at shops and stores.

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It is believed that the use of this technology will further encourage the use of virtual payments. It will also help make opportunities to expand the use of physical transactions worldwide. Moreover, this will enable different companies like Apple, Samsung, and Google to promote different brands through their digital payment services.


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