5 Apps for the Cricket World Cup

For avid followers of cricket, Cricinfo (now ESPNcricinfo) is the cradle of all things cricket on the internet – scores, news, live commentary, comment section fights, stats and now streaming (available in some countries for certain matches). In the app world, however, Cricinfo isn’t as exclusive a source of cricket news and scores. Following is a list of such apps, starting with ESPNcricinfo’s recently updated app, that you can use to stay updated with the cricket world during the upcoming World Cup and in general. Due to the Cricket World Cup, many of these apps have received major upgrades or overhauls, in order to catch as much traffic as possible during the next couple of months.

1. ESPNcricinfo

ESPNcricinfo’s app is easy to use, with a refined user interface and a wealth of data. The app has a lot of information to make available to its users, as well as allowing them to interact with each other through the comments sections or sharing information on social media directly from the app. The ball-by-ball commentary has always been a great way to keep updated with live matches if you can’t watch it on TV, but ESPNcricinfo’s app is also designed to appeal to fans who thrive on the stats, the trivia and the analysis.

2. Cricbuzz

Cricbuzz claims to be the number 1 cricket app on Google Play. In preparation for the World Cup, the app now has a dedicated section for all things related to the event. What makes this app stand out is that it delivers content in local Indian languages – Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and Bengali. The features of the app look pretty comprehensive, including ball-by-ball commentary, push notifications to alert you of major events during a match and more stats and analysis related to the matches.

3. Cricitch

If you want a simpler app which just keeps you up-to-date with the score and its breakup without the clutter of commentary, analysis etc, cricitch’s app is the answer. The scores and the scorecards are sometimes all you need to see and it might be hard to work your way to that information in apps that have a lot more to offer.

4. Star Sports Cricket Scores

If you want to stay updated with a live match with more than the numbers and commentary (you want to watch it live), the Star Sports App is what you are looking for. The app is a convenient portal to stream live cricket matches without having to look for links on the internet that may or may not work. This recommendation comes with qualifications though, there are some negative comments about the app on how it is not the best streaming option, but at least it is a start.

5. Yahoo Cricket

Yahoo Cricket app is another simple tool to keep updated with the scores – in an easy to navigate way. The app also comes with a widget that you can stick to your home screen to stay updated with the score without having to open it each time you need the latest score. This is a very useful feature as fans would probably be looking for updated scores hundreds of time during a single match and having that widget makes things really convenient.

Choosing the right app is a matter of preferences, what you are used to and how much and what kind of information do you want to have on your phones. There isn’t a major difference in the time that these apps take to update scores or the accuracy – the interface and level of information is what makes each of them different.

Download Here:

ESPNcricinfo on Google Play

Cricbuzz on Google Play

Cricitch on Google Play

Star Sports on Google Play

Yahoo Cricket on Google Play

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