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Arbisoft is a Pakistani company, which works on providing customised software solutions for other companies that require them. More specifically, it “provides software and technology development services ranging from Mobile Applications (iPhone, Android, Blackberry etc.), Enterprise Apps, Web Apps, Google App Engine, Data Scraping and analysis, 3D Graphics and Imaging.”

Although they are based in Lahore, they provide services for companies based in several countries around the world. Some of the companies for whom they have provided services include Indeed, Kayak, and Qube, among many others.

Arbisoft provides technological and software assistance, and they do this through all the different stages of developing new systems, implementing them and then also maintaining their effective running and usage. In addition to this, they also provide “software quality assurance, web data collection and analytic services.”

The company functions around a set of core values which help guide their work ethic, process and dealings with clients. These are: “Trust trumps process, Collaboration trumps competition, Excellence trumps success, Effort trumps IQ, Value-creation trumps profits.”

Finding Solutions No Matter What

With a motto of “Imagine. Build. Test. Repeat,” the company prides itself on finding innovative and creative ways to configure solutions for their clients.

Their website claims “Each of us comes to work everyday with the mission to learn new things and to make existing things better. Late nights and weekends are the norm rather than the exception. They help strive for each revision of software that is faster or better than the last revision.”

The company’s focus on providing the customer with exactly what they need means that their biggest asset is their team, which they state clearly: “At the core of our success is our team.”

A testimonial from Qube Learning, one of the clients of Arbisoft, stated: “Arbisoft is one of the most professional development partners we have ever worked with. They have proven time and again that they will not only do what we ask them to do, they will work hard to understand our ultimate goals and recommend innovative approaches to achieve those goals. Their developers are thoughtful and responsive. It’s like having a development team in the office next door.”

Startup Support

Arbisoft has involved itself in perpetuating and assisting in the development of a technology based ecosystem in Pakistan. Aside from offering their mentorship services for the i2i Accelerator program, they have also sponsored Lahore Civic Hackathon 2014, which was held by Code For Pakistan.

Arbisoft was “the first sponsor of the event, dedicating time Judging the pitches at the event, and providing project mentorship beyond the event.” They also participated in the i2i Roadshow that was held at LUMS.

The Team

Arbisoft was co-founded by Yasser Bashir (@yasserbashir) and Umair Shah. Yasser Bashir is also CEO of the company, and an avid entrepreneur with a passion for engineering. A graduate of Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) and Stanford University in the USA, he has held leadership positions in several companies, including Align Technology, among others. He is also one of the mentors for the i2i Accelerator program.

Umair Shah is also a graduate of LUMS, and received his Masters degree from Carnegie Mellon University. Interested in research and product development, he is: “A UNIX guru and a programmer par excellence…[who] provides the strategic direction and objectives for Arbisoft.”

Other team members include Rizwan Aslam (@rizwan78), who is Director of Software Development, and Zia Fazal (@zia250) who is Chief Architect.

The company values partnerships and building relations with clients, as well as within their organization. Their description states: “at Arbisoft we love to build and refine technology that improves lives – while forming great relationships along the way.”

Writing about how they started up and how they came to develop their core values, Yasser Bashir stated in a blog post: “Arbisoft was started by a close group of people who completely trusted each others’ capability, integrity and intentions.  This was there when we were less than 10 people.  Today we are more than 110 and of course we have many more processes but mutual trust is still an over-arching feature of our organization.  I strongly believe that nothing has contributed to our growth and success more than trust and I have no doubts that it will be required to take us to the next level.”


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