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About Sabin Muzaffar

Sabin is the Executive Editor of Ananke - an online magazine celebrating visionary women. She has been in the publishing business for almost two decades and has worked for prestigious media entities from Pakistan’s SPIDER Internet magazine to UAE’s daily Gulf News, BBVA OPENMIND and many more. Striving to highlight a progressive Pakistan, she is currently collaborating with PakWired by conducting a series of interviews showcasing the country's most successful entrepreneurs. Sabin believes in creating social impact and empowerment through education and diversity.

Latest from Sabin Muzaffar

10 months ago


Women economic empowerment is the buzzword in today’s world, with states and organizations intensified fight to alleviate the plight of the female gender, putting much focus on her health, education and most importantly economic empowerment in order to achieve UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The 21st century powered by technology holds immense potential for economic…

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1 year ago


Infotech’s Director Muhammad Haris Naseer talks about the company’s rise to success and what entails progressive techpreneurship in Pakistan. PakWired (PW): Tell us about the company, what are its core businesses? MHN: We started our business focusing on selling technology solutions back in 1995. Technology was going through an exciting stage in Pakistan as companies were just…

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2 years ago


Pakistan’s technological landscape has experienced a massive transformation over the past one decade. Burgeoning with immense talent, the country has produced some of the biggest names in technology the world over. Trailblazing tech dynamo Farhan Masood is one such name who has not only made his country proud by being disruptively innovative, but has also…

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3 years ago


Social Media has indeed changed our view of the world. With news and information reaching nearly every household on the planet at the speed of light, its influence is unequivocal. It is also not untrue to claim that the new millennium has been all about empowerment. Women in particular have emerged as winners taking a…

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