Beware WhatsApp Users! New Phishing Scam In Guise Of Background Color Options

With each passing day, technology is evolving. As a result, the risk and privacy is also getting a hit. The ideal and safe path is to keep yourself protected in order to stay secure. In a latest development, a fresh malicious link is spreading across rapidly in the shape of a fake WhatsApp feature upgrade. So beware WhatsApp users! Do not fall prey to the link which may ask you to change the background color.

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This is the following message which WhatsApp users may receive along with a malicious link:

“You can activate WhatsApp’s new colors by clicking HERE”

What happens if a user clicks on the link?

In case any user clicks on the link, he will install an unwanted adware on his system. Moreover, they will be directed to a specific website where they will be asked to share the links with their friends for so-called ‘verification’. If a particular user does as he is directed then all the contacts and groups in his WhatsApp list will receive the following message along with a fake URL:

“I love the new colors for WhatsApp”

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Once a user goes through this step, he is then told that these colors are accessible from a desktop. Consequently, they are asked to install an extension from the real Chrome Web Store which is known as BlackWhats. By doing so, a user will install an unwanted adware in his list of extensions.

According to Google, the tech giant has succeeded in blocking the adware extensions. However, it is yet to be known if the link is still affecting the users.

How can a user spot the fake link?

The link which a user will get read WhatsApp; however, it will be written in this form: шһатѕарр.com. It is significant to state that this is NOT the way company writes it. It is understood that the aforementioned link is a spam and it contains malicious content.

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Even if WhatsApp users click on the link erroneously, he can still remain protected only if he doesn’t follow any other command he is asked to.

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