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When was the last time you had a hassle-free cinema experience? Whether having to drive to the cinema to get tickets in advance, or standing in lines and waiting for ages, there hasn’t been an easy way to get to your seat, until now.

Bookme.Pk for cinema goers is a fast growing app sensation that allows people to book and buy cinema tickets in advance. The website and app currently provide two separate services: first is the cinema aspect, where users can view which movies are playing and which cinemas are showing them.

Users can search by cinema or by movie, and an added benefit is that users can view the cinemas seating plan and choose which seats they would like to have, and book those along with their tickets. The real convenience though, is that the tickets will be delivered to the consumer’s address, so there’s no need to pick them up. Currently, payments cannot be done online and are done through cash on delivery only.

Bookme.Pk for travel services

The second service allows users to book buses online, check bus timings and get tickets. These two services are quite different and the facilities seem a bit disconnected but it all makes sense according to the idea envisioned by Faizan Aslam, the CEO of Macro Pak Solutions, which created He stated: “I want to see with everything for which we need to buy a ticket. It can be related to transport, entertainment or anything.” So the founders of the app essentially see it one day becoming “a synonym for online reservation in Pakistan.”

Service availability

The service is currently available in Lahore, in four cinemas: Royal Palm Super Cinema, Cinestar, DHA Cinema, and Cine Gold. The transport service links to Faisal Movers, who deliver the cinema tickets to your doorstep in addition to taking bus bookings. However, there are plans to expand into bus transport and cinema bookings in Islamabad too.

App and website

Bookings can be done through their website or through their app, which is available at Google Play.  The app has five stars for its Android version, and rave reviews from users who find it easy to use and effective.

Book where?

With an increasing number of apps providing online booking services, picking a favourite to book your evening through can be a bit confusing. Rivals include Showtimes Pakistan and Stubdo, which also allow users to book tickets online, and have those tickets delivered to them.

The difference between and these other sites though is that aims to be a more comprehensive brand, eventually allowing their consumers to book any number of things online. While other apps may focus exclusively on cinema listings and tickets, is aiming to become a one-stop booking destination app. It has already started looking into inter-city transport and there are indications it has begun “targeting the hotel and restaurant industries.”

Plan 9 Incubation & Macro Pak Solutions

The Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) started Plan 9 in August 2012. Plan 9 is a tech incubator that allows Pakistani would-be startups to develop, by providing them with mentoring and assistance.

Macro Pak Solutions is one such team, which benefited from Plan 9 incubation. A startup based in Lahore, they started small but now have three offices. The team is made up of Faizan Aslam (@faizanaslams), who is the current CEO at Macro Pak Solutions, Abdul Wahab, Asrar Anwar, Fakhra Irum, and Mohammad Shoaib.

Macro Pak Solutions is now a software development firm, with an international outlook and ambitious plans. They provide software services worldwide, but indicate on their website that they prefer working with startups, possibly because this allows them to “embody tasks of any complexity using state of art technologies, innovation and creative approach.” The company provides various services including SEO development, Desktop apps, web-based apps, WordPress websites, Graphic design and even technical writing.

Though they have expanded considerably since their inception, during their time at Plan 9 they focused on developing Plan 9 has incubated several other successful ventures, notably Groopic which was developed by Eyedeus Labs. It may seem that whatever Plan 9 touches turns to gold, but has an ambitious vision and team that will likely take it far, regardless.


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