Can you describe your LinkedIn profile in 3 words?

So what’s your answer? Let’s keep you waiting and I’ll disclose my answer later on. Since you’ve clicked on this article, it means that you would like to know what it is. Let’s analyze what LinkedIn is all about. It’s a professional networking portal where you can easily find all the key decision makers. You have this wonderful opportunity to engage with them to generate sales for your business, show off your skills to land your dream job and grow your network. The best of it is that it’s free of cost. I’ve had the opportunity to engage and grow my network via LinkedIn and reap the rewards.

Coming back to the question raised: describe your LinkedIn profile in 3 words. The Answer is: “A Landing Page”. A landing page is normally referred to as a page that you would like your prospect to check out. It’s a sales funnel designed to help your lead take the desired action steps. It’s a sales hook that if designed correctly, can help you achieve your desired goals. Gone are the days where we used to say “I’ll make my CV on LinkedIn” now its “I’ll build my landing page” on LinkedIn. Your leads, potential employees are actively checking out LinkedIn to fulfill their needs and if they come across your profile, that’s a golden opportunity for you to introduce your work and share your expertise with them.

While creating a professional profile, the first thing to do is to get their attention my writing an captivating headline.

For example: suppose your area of expertise is HR, your headline could be: “Helping Business to Attract and Retain Top Talent”

If you are a trainer: your headline could be: “Helping organizations become successful with training”

Did you notice the difference? In both the examples; the statements say the same thing but can you feel the impact of second statement as compared to the first one. Create an engaging profile. Don’t make it too mechanical and boring. Add a human element in to it. Say what you do in words, communicate with your prospects, tell them exactly what you do and how you do instead of just writing your designated title.

How do you want your profile to be? It’s simple, in our last post, we had discussed about your target audience. Create your target audience profile. Highlight the key factors that they are searching for in your profile and create yours accordingly. Review your profile as if your prospect is viewing it and answer the following questions:

  • What do I want to tell them?
  • What do I want to show them?
  • What impact should my profile leave on them?
  • How do I convince them that I am the right fit for them?

Note down them points on a piece of paper and built your profile around these questions. Just like what we say for your website, you get only a few seconds to leave an impression in the mind of your potential lead, same is the case with your LinkedIn profile. Either they are going to shortlist it or they’ll close it and move on. Where do you want to stand? Don’t be lazy. It takes time and effort to make a LinkedIn profile that fulfills your described criteria. If you do this part correctly, then your chance of fulfilling your LinkedIn goal is half done. The key to all this is knowing what goals do you want to achieve. How do you want to be perceived?

Finally just to sum up all the discussion: “Create a Landing Page and not a CV on LinkedIn”. Hope that helps. Do share your feedback!

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