You Can Now Choose Who Will Use Your Facebook Account After Your Death

Ever thought what will happen to your Facebook account after you are dead? The question may sound creepy but authorities at Facebook have planned what to do with your account after you pass on. In a recent development, Facebook has announced that it will allow its users to appoint a Facebook heir, who will have access to their Facebook account after their death. The feature is now rolling out for the Facebook users in the US and soon, Facebook will enable it throughout the world.

The new feature lets the user select a ‘legacy contact’. This contact can be anyone from your friends, family or someone you trust. The legacy contact will have access to photos, statuses, messages, requests and all other user data of the deceased.

In December, a startling report from the Internet Monitor claimed that the number of ‘dead Facebook users’ will outnumber alive users by 2130. The report also claimed that currently, Facebook has more than 10 million user accounts which belong the users who are not in this world anymore.

Before the legacy contact feature, Facebook used to ‘memorialize’ the account after confirmation of the death of user. In a statement, Facebook’s spokeswoman said that Facebook started receiving thousands of requests to memorialize the accounts of users. This made Facebook realize that ‘it could do more’ with the accounts of the deceased.

Users can choose the legacy contact by going to the Facebook account settings. You can also set permissions and actions your legacy contact will be able to do after your death on your Facebook account.

legacy contact

So it’s all set. Your Facebook account will not keep lurking around on the web after your death.

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