Car Aesthetics: How to Pick a Car for Your Personality

Cars are a branding tactic—what you drive says much about you and your personality. Let’s start with the obvious fact. A car signals to others your place in life. If you drive an expensive car, you signal that you’re doing well. On the other hand, a modest car usually signals modest income.

Some people gravitate to cars that express their temperaments. They seek a design that expresses who they are. However, there are many ways to define a person. Thus, there are many ways to define car looks. Below, we’ll look at some of those categories. Find your personality, and discover your suitable car!

First – The Professional

These are your Type A personalities. They’re ambitious and accomplished. Plus, they always seek to be on top. Those people need a car that showcases that ambition. They need something that’s a mark of success. Common makes for such personalities are BMWs and Mercedes-Benz.

You might fall under this category and drive a BMW. This ambition and drive for greatness can even start early—you might be fresh out of college and determined to drive a BMW. Luckily, a college grad program can help make that possible! The point is—such cars signal successful people.

Second – The Youngster

Some cars signal youth. Good examples are hatchbacks, such as a Ford Focus, Honda Civic, or a Nissan Leaf for the environmentally conscious. Specifically, look for modern-day hatchbacks with less “box-like” designs, and more vibrant colors. Think “first car” types. Hatchbacks tend to be cheaper and more economical; hence, they serve well as a kid’s first car.

Third – The Tough Guy

Like loud and mean cars? Maybe that’s the type of personality you want to express. If so, you need large engines. Those will be your “high horsepower” muscle cars from world-class makers —like Lamborghini and Porsche—with a sleek, powerful look to match. They best express a loud and powerful personality. In fact, they work well for individuals with tough exteriors!

Fourth – The Pragmatic

The car aesthetic here is obvious. You’re looking at minivans, crossovers, or SUVs with plenty of passenger and storage space. And every now and then, there’s the pickup truck or van used for business.

People who drive those vehicles signal responsibility. At least, they show you that they have long-term obligations to take care of. If being responsible is part of your persona, then these are the cars for you.

Final Note

Whatever car you pick, make sure you don’t forget the basics. That is, you need to look for a reasonable price within your budget, that it gets good mileage, and if the make and model are suited to your lifestyle and needs. Don’t forget to also check out its service department.

With the many brands on the market, finding your dream car will be a breeze!

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1 Comment

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