Caramel Tech Studios: Success Story in Game Development

Caramel Tech Studios is the entrepreneurial story of two brothers setting up a world-class game development software house in Pakistan. While PC and console games captured the imagination of a generation of prospective game developers growing up in the 90s and early 2000s, social media and mobile phones have gained popularity as the platform of choice due to the more open nature of the game development and marketplace.

Caramel Tech Studios has had significant success in this space by working with other game studios (such as Kabam Inc and Half Brick Studios) on popular games such as Fruit Ninja, Jetpack Joyride, Order of Elements, Stick Sports Series as well as making their own games such as the Blade of Battles RPG.

Blade of Battles RPG has recently enjoyed a great deal of success by getting featured among “Best New Games” in 137 countries. This success speaks to the global reach and demand for mobile games and a kind of universality in tastes across boundaries for fun and involving gameplay.

With several startups these days focusing on game development, we would focus on the aspects of Caramel Tech Studios that are lessons to be learnt entrepreneurs and prospective developers wanting to work on or create the next big game. There are many opportunities for success in this burgeoning market which continues to grow and is open for the smallest to the largest companies to participate in.

Business Focus

The first such lesson would be the focus on the business model and developing a comprehensive suite of services and tools. Depending on your focus and product, it is essential to adopt the right business approach. This extends from being able to market yourself to prospective investors, partners and employees to also understanding the business aspect of the game.

Caramel Tech Studios, on their website, claims to “understand Games as a service model”, which positions their expertise as a mixture of tech and business, or rather tech expertise led by business sense.

Collaboration and Recognition

There is scope for collaboration beyond international boundaries. There are several other examples of businesses and entrepreneurs in this space earning their success through working with international businesses and freelance workers, such as the recently featured piece on a WordPress Template developer.

One of the biggest advantages of following this approach is the improvement in your business credentials through association with successful name brands in the international market. In the case of Caramel Tech Studios, association with the universally known game Fruit Ninja automatically increases their reputation in the eyes of other prospective partners, customers and employees.

Past Experiences of Team Members

This aspect of positioning your brand goes beyond highlighting the collaboration with other studios that the business as had, to the experience of its team. The website has a list of companies that the team has had past experience working on games for, such as Stick Sports, MTV Games, Fear Factor, Play First and many others. In a sector where the credentials and experiences of the team carries a significant weight in defining the company’s strength, putting up these credentials also helps boost the image of your firm.

This is in addition to breaking down the team strengths between key aspects of game development such as mobile engineering, quality assurance, production and graphic design.

Future Leader in Gaming?

Caramel Tech Studios has the potential and intentions to grow from its initial success into a leading game development company with several more success stories. If you are interested in becoming a part of that journey, there are opportunities, currently open, to work for the firm. This is a business that is likely to make it to the news regularly over the future, and we look forward to hear all about that.

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  1. Grammar Police

    29/09/2014 at 5:50 pm

    So happy to hear of local companies doing really well. I wish these guys and everyone else a lot of success.

  2. Moiz Omar

    06/10/2014 at 2:33 pm

    Great to hear this.

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