China introduces cheapest car; similar to Pakistan’s Mehran

Just when you thought that Suzuki Mehran needs an overhauling and requires some revamping in the overall structure of the car, China stunned the world by launching its cheapest car which is somewhat similar to Pakistan’s Mehran.

The cheapest car in China is called Jiangnan TT. It has been manufactured by a Chinese car manufacturer, Jiangnan Auto, a subsidiary of Zotye Automobile. Considering the competitive market in China, this is a bold and brave initiative taken by the car manufacturer.

The list price of Jiangnan TT is unbelievably reasonable. It starts at 20,800 yuan equivalent to $3,170. However, the dealer offers a discount of 5,000 yuan which means that it brings the price down to just 15,800 yuan equal to $2,410. In terms of Pakistani rupees, the cost of the car, after discount, is around Rs. 241,000/-. However, the price of brand new Suzuki Mehran with almost same features and design costs around Rs. 725,000/- depending on which model you are going to purchase – almost 3 times higher the price as compare to the little beauty, Jiangnan TT.

Newly-manufactured Jiangnan TT‘s power comes from by a 0.8 litre three-cylinder petrol engine with and output of 36 horsepower and 60 Newton Meter. The engine of the car can be compared to that of Mehran as maximum speed which can be attained by a driver in this car is 120 kilometers per hour. TT comes with a front wheel drive and it is a car that possesses 5 manual-shifting gears, 4 forward and 1 reverse gear.

In terms of width, it is 1.4 meters wide while Jiangnan TT is 3.3 meters long. The car is extremely fuel-efficient. The fuel consumption of the car is roughly estimated to 5.2 liter per 100 kilometers which is around 22 yuan equivalent to 350 Pakistan rupees. This car was manufactured with a small budget so that low-income individuals and families could afford it. Moreover it is currently being sold in smaller cities and the countryside, where incomes are lower and status matters a little less.

It is an ideal car for a family of 4. A perfect affordable model for youngsters who go to colleges and universities. It is cheaper and the cost of the parts is almost next to nothing. Furthermore, they are readily available in the market too. Interestingly, Jiangnan TT has a rather bigger trunk where groceries and picnic stuff can be safely put. The interior has hard plastics, manual windows, and a simple radio. Jiangnan TT also offers a serviceable AC, optional power windows as well as ABS. The dashboard is dressed up nicely with a plastic-wood panel. There was one new feature added to the interior: a single cup holder located between the seats.

This is going to make life easier for the people of China as they can now afford a valuable ride in the form of Jiangnan TT. It makes one wonder when a Chinese car manufacturing company can produce a similar car like Pakistan’s Mehran then why can’t the producer of the latter can drop down the price of its car? Do let us know about what do you think!



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