Cleanry: Pakistani startup that offers online laundry service

Are you fed up of doing your laundry? Do you hate going to a local laundry service for dropping and picking your clothes? If so, you will be delighted to learn about Cleanry – Pakistan’s first ever online laundry service. They are just one click away to pick up your laundry from your home and get back to you within 2 days.

Cleanry was introduced with an aim to assist busy working professionals and bachelors. The startup picks up laundry on Thursday and delivers it back on Saturday for the week’s office-wear. Moreover, it also offers a premium same day service while providing top-notch quality and adhering to eco-friendly processes.


CEO of Cleanry, Salis Bhatti stated:

“People need to save time on everyday tasks to focus on more important things. In today’s digital world, people are ordering online and delivery is made to their doorstep. Cleanry takes the chore of laundry, moves it to an online platform, making the process quick and easy”

Salis also claimed that the entire order process takes less than 1 minute. Once the clothes are cleaned, they go through multiple quality assurance process. Later, they are delivered at the doorstep of a certain customer in high quality reusable and eco-friendly bags. A customer is entitled to make the payment on delivery.

The CEO of Cleanry further added:

“The key to the efficient and convenient process at is the ability to provide the customer with a complete time-saving solution to the tedious task of doing laundry. A quick and quality process that takes care of the stress related to your laundry, initially targeted at working professionals, but the business model has been adapted to suit households too”

Moving forward

The founders of Cleanry are currently relishing the early success. However, they are firm about continually improving and innovating in order to stay competitive. Furthermore, they are looking to deliver convenience and peace of mind to the customers by keeping a competitive price.

The startup also offers corporate staff programs. The idea of this exercise is to make sure that the quality remains undeviating and that freshness is available to everyone.

It would be ideal if you have a crack at their website for more information or visit their Facebook page.

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