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1st International Conference on Cyber Security & Digital Forensics


2 months ago

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Cyber Security and Digital Forensics are two important realms of computer science, which have a remarkable impact on the proper functioning of modern day computing systems and cyber-networks. NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS) organized the first CSDiFo, an international conference on Cyber Security and Digital Forensics, on Dec. 7 – Dec. 8, at its Islamabad campus.

The 2-days conference attracted premium quality research papers on the subjects of Cyber Security and Digital Forensics from various academicians, research scholars and students. The prospects of CSDiFo include promotion of research in Cyber Security & Digital Forensics; and bringing together researchers and experts from academia, industry, private & public sectors for development, commercialization and exploration of new ideas in this rapidly expanding field.

All the publications were reviewed by renowned experts from both national and international institutions in order to ensure their accuracy, completeness, and correctness. Cyber security is one of the most pressing challenges faced by the public and private sectors today. Technology has become such an integral part of day-to-day operations resulting in an emphasized dependence on E-Commerce, that the acute shortage of trained people well versed in the world of cyber security and digital forensics has become a matter of prime concern the world over.

Cyber security is not an option anymore; it has become a concern. The importance of cyber security and digital forensics can be measured from the fact that besides the United States implementing a state-level cyber security policy; even developing countries have initiated adopting procedures to put in action a cyber security strategy. Recently, Malaysia and Singapore have made huge advancements in promoting research in cyber security.

Theme of CSDiFo 2016

The thematic focus areas for CSDiFo 2016 are:

Cyber Security,
Information Security,
Systems Security,
Application Security,
Database Security and Cloud Computing Security,
Cyber-crime Investigation,
Incident Response,
Digital Forensics,
Cloud Forensics,
Cyber-criminal Psychology and Profiling, &
Cyber Warfare and Terrorism.

The conference consisted of 3 keynotes and 7 invited talks from renowned national and international scholars/professionals. The sessions for the presentation of research papers consisted of 11 accepted papers with a focus on aforementioned areas, as reported by the official website for CSDiFo.

Keynote Speakers

Invited academic experts included: Dr. Nassar Ikram, Commandant PNEC, Karachi; Dr. Khalid J Siddiqui, GIKI, KP; Dr. Naveed Arshad, LUMS, Lahore; Dr. Sayyed Ghani, IBA, Karachi; and Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz, UET, Lahore.

Invited industry specialist included: Dr. Shahid Mahmud, Chairman and CEO, Interactive Group; Mr. Kashif ul Haque, Country General Manager, CISCO; Mr. Inayat Ali Shah, Director Projects at TROJANS; Mr. Kamal Ahmed, Country Manager, Microsoft Pakistan; Mr. Khurram Rahat, Managing Director, Teradata; and Mr. Salim Ghauri, Chairman P@SHA and Netsol Technologies Ltd.

References: csdifo.seecs.nust.edu.pk/#/

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