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Getting in touch with an embassy is always a tedious ask in our country. One needs to cross a number of checkpoints to reach desired people and receive the response. The scenario is applicable on most of the embassies, but not entirely. Dutch embassy has announced that it will entertain live Skype calls for the economic affairs department to take questions concerning business and trade.

talk with dutch embassy

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Dealings between the Netherlands and Pakistan have always been honest. The Netherlands is the fourth largest direct foreign investor in the country and also our fifth biggest export destination. Via this initiative, they aspire to encourage more businesses and investors to work on tasks that will lead to the country’s economic progress.

Thus, are you thinking about doing business between the two lands? Do you need an expert’s advice to move forward? Well then what are you waiting for huh? Take hold of this fantastic opportunity and talk over with the people who can give you the best answers. It’s time to ‘Talk Business’. Get in touch with the experts in Dutch Islamabad embassy on every Tuesday at 2-3 pm Pakistan time (10-11am Dutch Time) on Skype ID: NLPakTrade.


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