Consumer Reports declare Toyota Prius 2016 as most fuel-efficient hybrid car

Not so many people in Pakistan know about the concept of Hybrid cars, understandably so, largely because the trend of such cars in Pakistan is very minimal. Although Toyota Prius and other Hybrid cars can be seen on the roads of Pakistan but the only concept that people carry in their minds about Hybrid cars is that ‘Yay Battery Wali Hai’ (the car is battery-oriented).

It is hard to blame them given their fragile knowledge about the Hybrid cars. For the same, a 3-day promotional activity was also conducted in early 2015 at Centaurus Mall, Islamabad where the primary notion was to create awareness among the people about the Hybrid cars.

One of the most successful and running Hybrid cars in Pakistan is Toyota Prius. Recently in a consumer report, it was discovered that Toyota Prius 2016 is the most fuel-efficient Hybrid cars ever. It broke the 16 year old record of Honda Insight by 1 Mile Per Gallon (MPG).

Consumer report revealed that the new Toyota Prius 2016 scored an average of 52 MPG, comfortably beating Toyota Prius 2015 by 8 MPG who scored an average of 44 MPG. The reason behind this drastic increment is because the new Prius has a better and long-lasting battery, more aerodynamic and that it consumes on-board electricity more efficiently.

When the new Prius was tested in the city, it achieved 43 MPG. While during a highway test; Toyota Prius 2016 accomplished 59 MPG. This was the best rating according to the consumer report which is even better than any diesel car.

After a successful launch in 2000, Toyota Prius made a serious impact in no time and was quick enough to create a place in the global market as the most cost-effective Hybrid car. Toyota Prius 2016 is set to get 52 MPG in all conditions as compared to Audi’s A3 which gives about 80 MPG but only in certain conditions.

The question whether Toyota Prius 2016 will be available in the Pakistan market remains to be seen especially after the new auto policy that was passed in Pakistan. But since other models of Toyota Prius are being imported in the country, the day is not far when a comfortable 5 seater and most fuel-efficient Toyota Prius 2016 Hybrid car will be seen on the roads of Pakistan.

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