Tips for Creating Visually Stunning Images for Your Social Media Posts

One of the best ways to stand out from the crowd with your social media posts is to create attractive, eye catching images to go with them. These are a lot more effective than text based posts when it comes to engagement and you can often tell a story a lot easier through visuals.

If you don’t have design skills, you’re probably wondering if you’ll be able to create these kind of images without spending a lot of time and effort? It’s actually a lot less challenging than you might think!

Here’s what you need to know about creating visually appealing images to make your social media posts more effective.

How to Make Good Use of Visual Content

There are lots of different ways to use visual content in your social media marketing and you can go far beyond product plugs.

Some ideas include:

  • Graphics celebrating fan/follower milestones often get positive interaction
  • Behind the scenes photos to show the human side of your brand
  • Ask questions via an image that stands out in news feeds
  • Quotes that speak to your target audience e.g. motivational and inspirational messages

Tips for Creating Your Own Eye Catching Images

If you’re not a designer, you’re probably going to find it a lot easier to use tools like Canva. This will do a lot of the hard work for you in terms of creating the image and you can play about with templates, backgrounds, colors and fonts until you like what you see.

Quality: High quality images are an absolute must, not least because they’re a reflection on your brand. They’re also more likely to be eye catching compared to lower quality photos. They don’t need to be expensive either; you can buy high quality stock images through tools like Canva for $1 each, for example.

Color: The colors you use in your social media images should have a strong connection to the personality and vibe of your brand but there’s more to think about than just this if you want to get things right. Research has showed that the psychology of color can play a big role in influencing snap decisions so it’s important to choose your color scheme wisely when creating images. Once you decide on a color scheme, use it consistently across your social media images to create a sense of brand recognition.

Fonts: As with colors, your choice of font/typeface should be the same across all of your social media images.

Clarity: Sometimes, you’ll find an image that seems perfect but has too many background details to work well once text is laid over the top of it. Too much text can be overwhelming so don’t be afraid to have plenty of background space in your images; this can actually help you to get your message across more clearly and generally looks more balanced.

Branding: Ideally, you want your social media posts to drive traffic back to your site so it makes sense to include your brand name and website link to take ownership and help it to work for you. Another way to improve your branding is to use the same style of image time and time again. People will come to associate the style with your brand but it doesn’t hurt to have branding on there for anyone who comes across you for the first time through your social media images.

Tools to Help You to Create Images

Some of the tools you can use to create images include:

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