How to Market Your Crowdfunding Campaign the Right Way

Crowdfunding is a good way to finance your startup. You’d be surprised at how many successful entrepreneurs started their companies off of very little capital of their own and a lot of capital generated via their friends, families and even some strangers who just happened to take a lot of interest in their ideas.

Like most things these days, the secret to a successful Crowdfunding campaign is marketing-the better you are at this skill, the better you can sell your product or service even before it goes into production.

Here are a few tips that can help you successfully market your Crowdfunding campaign:

  1. Build a name:

Be it your own or your brand’s name, make sure that people already know what you’re about before you ask them for help. If you have any prior experience in your field, play that up. People will be more comfortable with helping someone who seems like they know what they’re doing.

  1. Make Sure Your Idea is Worth It:

How many times have you seen a Kickstarter video about something that even you thought would be cool to have? Make sure that the idea you’re marketing is innovative even if it’s in a field that’s very well-established. Revolutionize daily life activities rather than promising someone on a minimum wage job a trip to Mars. People won’t be very willing to part with their hard-earned money if you don’t give them an idea they can believe in.

  1. Try and Go ‘Viral’.

Until now, there’s no formula as to what goes viral and what doesn’t. But at least try and get your friends and family to share your idea as much as possible in the hopes that it’ll get picked up by someone with a lot of followers. You can even pay influencers to help you become famous but that’s something that will benefit your product more in the late run than it will benefit your idea right now.

  1. Engage Blogs Before You Launch:

Nowadays, there’s a big website for everything. Like Pakwired is a website for technology and startups, etc, research on who has written about products similar to what you’re making previously. Then, email the blogger who wrote for that product. You might even want to send ahead some early samples to get the hype going.

  1. Make Sure to Pick a Good Platform for Your Crowdfunding Campaign:

Did you know that there’s a difference between Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Patreon? All of these platforms are used by a very particular niche of people and what’s more is, all of these charge you different amounts of money to use their service and platform. Additionally, the success rate for each is massively different as well. So make sure to make an informed decision about what website you need to use based on what your target audience is and what services you’re being offered.

Want us to give you more suggestions about how to crowdfund your campaign? Tell us below and we’ll help you out further!

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