The Definitive List Of Useful Chrome Extensions

A few weeks ago we published an article on useful chrome extensions. That post opened the flood-gates of sorts, with our readers chiming in with their favorite extensions that didn’t make it to the original list. So, we decided to follow up the post with a sequel. This time with an even more comprehensive list.

We’d like to thank everyone who sent their inputs to make this list possible.

Productivity and Office Extensions

Adblock Plus: The AdblockPlus plugin lets you block all those unwanted ads that keep popping up everywhere. Apart from pop-ups, the Adblock Plus plugin also blocks logo, JavaScript and Facebook ads as well as Youtube video ads.





Download Adblock Plus

HolaBetter Internet: The Hola Better Internet extension lets you browse any website that your ISP, school, company, or country has blocked.





Download Hola Internet

Ghostery: The Ghostery plugin lets you see who is keeping track of your browsing habits. Now watch Google watching you!





Download Ghostery

Flashblock: If you’re tired of all those pesky Flash enabled webpages that jump out at you, get Flashblock and block them.




Gif Delayer: The Gif Delayer stops gifs from playing until they have been downloaded fully.





Download Gif Delayer

Craigslist Peek: The Craigslist Peek extension makes it easier for you to browse Craigslist by including images and broadening the search area.





Download Craigslist Peek

Speed Dial 2: The Speed Dial 2 plugin is NTP replacement that lets you see your most-visited sites, browsing history and browsing related statistics – all for faster browsing.





Download Speed Dial 2

Save to Pocket: The Save to Pocket extension saves interesting videos, webpages and images for viewing later – across all your devices.





Download Save to Pocket

LastPass: If you’re tired of remembering all those passwords for your many internet accounts, get the LastPass password manager.





Download LastPass

AutoPagerize: The AutoPagerize plugin speeds up your browsing by auto loading paginated web pages.





Download AutoPagerize

YSlow: The YSlow plugin performs an analysis of your webpage (and website) and suggests ways to make it perform better.



Download YSlow

Boomerang for Gmail: The Boomerang for Gmail plugin lets you schedule messages for sending later, even if you’re offline.





Download Boomerang for Gmail

Browsec: Browsec encrypts traffic and prevents identification attempts. You can now browse Facebook at work without anyone finding out!





Download Browsec

Behind The Overlay: You can get to any content that is being blocked by an annoying overlay on any website with the Behind The Overlay plugin.



Download Behind The Overlay

Chrome To Mobile: If you have Chrome on both your cellphone and PC, you can send the page you are browsing on your PC to your cellphone with the Chrome to Mobile plugin with a single click.





Download Chrome To Mobile

Fix Compose For Gmail: If you miss the old way of composing emails on Gmail, you can get it back by installing the Fix Compose For Gmail extension.





Download Fix Compose For Gmail

Search By Image (by Google): You can now search for information on Google by initiating a query using an image with the Search By Image (by Google) plugin.





Download Search By Image

Readability: The Readability app makes it easier to read online by displaying just the text on a webpage.





Download Readability

TabCloud: Ever wanted to continue your work web browsing session at home? You can with TabCloud.





Download TabCloud

Google Dictionary (by Google): The Google Dictionary (by Google) extension lets you view definitions in a pop-up bubble after you double-click on a word.





Download Google Dictionary

StayFocused: If you spend more time than you would like browsing the net instead of working, the StayFocused timer extension can help.





Download StayFocused

Grammarly for Chrome: The Grammarly for Chrome extension will help you avoid punctuation and grammar errors while writing emails or posting to social media websites.





Download Grammarly for Chrome

SimpleUndoClose: Keep closing your browser and regretting it? You can restore recently (and not-so-recently) closed tabs with the SimpleUndoClose extension.





Download Simple UndoClose

Google Quick Scroll: This useful extension saves you precious time by jumping directly to the relevant bit of your Google search query after the results show up.





Download Google Quick Scroll

1 Click Translator: The 1 Click Translator translates any text on a webpage with a single click. Useful if you work with languages.



Download 1 Click Translator

TooManyTabs: TheTooManyTabs for Chrome plugin is perfect for you if you regularly have 20+ tabs open all the time and can’t keep track of them all.





Download TooManyTabs

Send to Kindle: Send a webpage or a document directly to your Kindle with a single click using Send to Kindle.





Download Send to Kindle

Awesome Screenshot: The Awesome Screenshot extension lets you capture an entire webpage or just a part of it, edit it as well as add annotations with the click of a button.





Download Awesome Screenshot


Entertainment& EverydayExtensions


Streamus: Streamus turns YouTube into a music player. You can store playlists and access them from any computer.





Download Streamus

Zazoo: The Zazoo plugin displays music lyrics while watching music videos on YouTube and Facebook.





Download Zazoo

Magic Actions for YouTube: The Magic Actions for YouTube player has several cool features, like AutoHD, volume control through the mouse scroll, Cinema Mode, Snapshot save and ad blocks.





Download Magic Actions for YouTube

Sumo Paint:The Sumo Paint extension lets you edit images right from your browser.





Download Sumo Paint

Honey: The Honey shopping extension lets you access and place orders at 100s of stores from one place.





Download Honey

The Camelizer: The Camelizer app lets you compare prices on Amazon, Best Buy and Newegg and select the cheapest one. It also lets you track prices over time through useful graphs.





Download TheCamelizer

Hover Zoom: The Hover Zoom extension enlarges any image you are hovering over automatically.





Download Hover Zoom

Subscription Grid for YouTube: View your subscriptions on YouTube in a nice grid layout and hide uninteresting/already watched videos.





Download Subscription Grid for YouTube

Mapnificent: If you take the bus to commute to work, you can use Mapnificent to generate a colorful “heat” map of the estimated transit time to your destination.





Download Mapnificent

Quickrr: If you travel a lot or use Google Maps a lot, Quickrr should be useful. It takes you to location results on Google Maps directly from your browser.



Download Quickrr

Time Tracker: If you’re one of those people who keep wondering how many hours of your life you’ve frittered away on Facebook, you can keep track with the Time Tracker extension.



Download Time Tracker


Social Media Extensions


Pushbullet: The Pushbullet plugin lets you get all your push notifications on the pc by linking your phone to it. You can also send push notifications.



Download Pushbullet

Classic Retweet: If you want Old-School Retweets, you can get the Classic Retweet plugin.



Download Classic Retweet

Larry Filter For Twitter: If you don’t want tweets from certain users or containing certain words, or even hashtags, the Larry Filter For Twitter extension can filter them out for you.



Download Larry Filter For Twitter

Social Fixer for Facebook: The Social Fixer for Facebook extension is a cosmetic as well as functionality upgrade that you should try it you spend a lot of time on the website.





Download Social Fixer For Facebook Extension: The Extension app helps you keep track of things you have to do. It’s a great planner extension/app.





Download Any.Do Extension URL Shortener: If you share a lot of URLs with your family and friends on social media and are wondering if there is a way to shorten those sometimes massive URLs, get URL.





Download URL Shortener

Screenleap for Gmail: Ever wished that you could share what you can see while using Gmail? You can do that now with the Screenleap for Gmail app.





Download Screenleap for Gmail




History Eraser: The History Eraser app cleans your browsing history, cache and cookies with the press of a button.





Download History Eraser

HTTPS Everywhere: A copy of the popular Firefox plugin. Will open HTTPS version of sites whenever possible, instead of HTTP, to protect your privacy.





Download HTTPS Everywhere

MaskMe: The MaskMe extension lets you create disposable email addresses, credit cards and phone numbers – you never have to give out your real information with this extension.





Download MaskMe

Web of Trust (WOT): The WOT extension tells you whether the website you are about to visit is legit based on past user-experiences.





Download Web of Trust







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