Digital Pakistan Policy 2017: MOITT Gives A Go-Ahead To IT Policy

Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom has passed the much anticipated IT Policy of Pakistan. MOITT has introduced the policy in regards to Digital Pakistan Policy 2017.

To release the final policy, MOITT worked on its every aspect for many years consulting stakeholders from each segment of the industry.

The following four comprehensive points reflect the main focus of the IT policy. These points will help to improve the international rankings in administration, enterprise, learning capital, demand and supply, and ICT aptitudes.

  • Digitization of Sectors
  • Collaboration of cross-sector
  • Sustainability of IT sector
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship

MOIT stated that this policy will act as the base pillar in the development of a universal Digital Ecosystem in the country. It will utilize innovative ideas and mechanisms for the rapid transfer of new generation digital services, features and substance.

Salient features of the Pakistan IT Industry

According to the Digital Pakistan Policy, given below are the key points of Pakistan’s IT Industry:


  • In 2015, Pakistan acquired 4th place for freelancers in the world
  • During the past three years Pakistan witnessed 70% growth in IT Exports
  • IT exports in Pakistan remained at $2.4 billion in 2016
  • In 2016, revenues through freelancing remained at $100 million
  • Domestic market revenues accounted for $500 million in 2016
  • In the 200 million population of Pakistan, 60% people are between 15-29 years old
  • The country consists of over 300,000 English-speaking IT professionals
  • 14 Software Technology Parks exist in Pakistan that cover an area of 1 million square feet


  • Accessibility of consistent and quality internet for everybody
  • Space concerning industry and educational institutions
  • Judicial system’s feeble application for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) security, rights of consumers and negotiation process
  • The industry’s lack of awareness of the maximum prospective of ICTs as an empowering influence of ecological improvement
  • Deficiency of technology Parks across the country specifically in major metropolitan cities
  • ICT sector’s lack of R&D
  • Low ranking of Pakistan’s ICT sector on world indices
  • Issues of brand name and perception

Goals of IT policy

  • Universal Digital System
  • Standardization
  • Promote the use of ICT in education
  • Youth and Women empowerment
  • Promote Innovation in IT Sector
  • Increase software exports, IT remittances & Domestic Market
  • ICT standing of Pakistan
  • Reduction in Digital Divide
  • Promoting E-Governance
  • Increase foreign and domestic investment
  • Establishment of IT Zones
  • Promotion of Entrepreneurship
  • No Citizen (even persons with disabilities) to be left behind
  • Promotion of E-commerce

In order to meet the goals and overcome the barriers, policy strictly defines areas for regulation. Moreover, it also suggests the necessity for improvement of systems, varying from HR development to research and revolution in IT.

This policy provides a direction particularly for IT sector to help cross the barriers along with developing the sector for everyone’s benefit.

Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications (MOITT) along with related ministries and departments are developing an ‘Action Plan’ to update results of the IT policy.

MOITT will serve as an enabler and provider of necessary supervision where needed. Other related ministries and sectors will serve as leaders for the execution of strategies related to their field.

MOITT also highlighted the sectors and federal ministries that will ensure the achievement of goals stated in the policy.

To download the complete draft of the Digital Pakistan Policy 2017, click here.

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